Be your best: Niclas Kjellström-Matseke

Niclas Kjellström-Matseke is an investor, interim CEO, board professional, and a dedicated entrepreneur. In the business world, he balances his engagement between profitability and sustainability. For instance, Niclas has been involved in the development of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and he currently serves as the Chairman of Desmond Tutu’s Legacy Foundation.

For those who don’t know, who is Niclas Kjellström-Matseke?
As for myself, I am a dedicated entrepreneur and a global citizen from the forests of Värmland, with a passion for using business for holistic sustainability. Throughout my professional life, I have been fortunate to build an extensive global network of wonderful leaders, while also dividing my own commitment between profitability and sustainability.

Why did you choose to start your own company?
After 15 years as a CEO in Sweden and Northern Europe, and five years as a private investor in Cape Town and New York, I returned home to Stockholm in the midst of the pandemic. Here, I needed to build upon a new platform.

What is your role?
I still maintain my role as a private investor in several growth companies. At the same time, my day job for the past year has been as the Interim Group CEO of Talent Venture Group, which manages around 20 companies in the tech and talent sector.

What is the most important thing you do?
To utilize my role in the business world to create both profitability and sustainability… at the same time!

What are you most proud of in your professional work?
I am both happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to lead and build one of Sweden’s finest companies, Novamedia/Postkodlotteriet, as its CEO. It has also been exciting to learn more about investments during the past seven years in the EU, South Africa, and the USA. I must also mention that I am proud of the incredible experience of working with Prof. Jeff Sachs in developing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals through my involvement with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) board. Lastly, I am honored to serve as the Chairman of Desmond Tutu’s Legacy Foundation, a responsibility I take very seriously.

What are your career plans for the future?
I will continue on the path I have set, where I know that sustainable investments drive profitability, often with faster results and lower risk. Nowadays, the best talents are driven by purpose. If a company lacks this, it becomes very difficult to attract the best employees.

Where do you draw your energy from?
I love all forms of sports, but I always seem to gravitate towards endurance sports—perhaps because I lack technical skills, haha. Endurance sports can have a meditative effect and provide a pleasant release of endorphins.

When Niclas Kjellström-Matseke returned to Stockholm during the pandemic, he needed a home for his operations. CONVENDUM has contributed to a work routine while also providing the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed manner.

When did you become a member of CONVENDUM and why?
In 2021, when I returned home after several years in Cape Town and needed “a home” for my operations.

Why do you enjoy being at CONVENDUM?
I have actually always worked on the most creative tasks from various hotel lobbies. In the past, I often sneaked out of the company’s office to relax better. I like the dynamics of many people in motion. Additionally, this environment is often the best meeting place for new contacts. For me, CONVENDUM offers this vibe!

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday and overall career journey? Towards the end of the pandemic, I established a fairly good routine thanks to CONVENDUM, both for sitting down and working effectively, as well as for conducting meetings and socializing in a relaxed manner.

Sustainability is important to you. How do you view CONVENDUM in this context?
If we are to believe certain leaders in the real estate industry and sustainability researchers, one of the biggest “climate culprits” is underutilized office spaces. Aside from being economically wasteful for the paying tenant, it is a disaster in terms of the carbon footprint, with concrete, heating, cooling, etc., being utilized inefficiently. Optimizing office spaces, as is the case with CONVENDUM, could be one of the real estate industry’s most important sustainability goals. Perhaps AI can help us in the future to achieve better optimization of the existing infrastructure.

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