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Maddja Nazari is Co-Founder and CEO of Leadfront, a consultancy firm that assists other companies in digitizing their sales and marketing functions. This year marks four years since Leadfront became a CONVENDUM member. Learn more about Maddja Nazari, the positively company culture at Leadfront and why the collaboration with CONVENDUM contributes to their success.

For those who does not know, who are you?
I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Leadfront, a digital strategist with a keen interest in technology and data. I moved to Sweden from Iran 12 years ago to educate myself further and I stayed in Sweden. Today I run the consultancy firm Leadfront with my business partner and colleagues. I live in the heart of Stockholm and when the darkest months of the year arrive, you can find me at my holiday house in Marbella.

How and why was Leadfront founded?
My passion for creating something bigger than myself was the foundation for why I started Leadfront. As an employee over the years I often saw how employers didn’t prioritize their staff and made short-sighted decisions that resulted in losing personnel. I didn’t want that for my own company, so I started a company based on respect, trust and community. Hire strong and knowledgeable people so that we together could create something we could be proud of. That’s why my ambition is to create a company where people trust and support each other, feel good, and are best in town when it comes to digitizing sales and marketing.

What does Leadfront do?
Leadfront helps companies digitize their sales and marketing functions to increase their competitiveness and meet customers’ growing demands for relevance and value. We work with digital technologies such as CRM, Marketing Automation and data platforms.

What is the most important thing you do?
Finding the next talent and ensuring our colleagues are happy is my most important task. Skilled and talented consultants are highly sought-after and they have a good idea of what they’re looking for in an employer. There are high expectations in the workplace, both in terms of the work environment and the company’s culture and values. We offer 100% flexibility when it comes to choosing a workplace, and being a member of CONVENDUM gives us even better opportunities to offer that flexibility. Our consultants can work from home, sit at their nearest CONVENDUM Coworking space or come to the office at Kungsgatan 9 where we gather once a month. These gatherings are of utmost importance for our culture. We go through the company’s results and share insights from different projects.

What are you most proud of professionally?
I am most proud of having gathered a group of people who are very experienced in their field, passionate about long-term thinking, stand for their values and do their best to help clients achieve their goals. I’m extremely proud of that. The family-friendly and wonderful culture we’ve created at Leadfront gives me energy and motivation in our journey.

What does the future look like?
During our five years, we have always managed to reach the financial goals we set at the beginning of the year. We will continue to grow the company organically. Employer branding and employee satisfaction will continue to be central of everything we do. The goal is to be the ultimate choice for customers when it comes to digitizing sales and marketing.

Sweden has a great need for IT that is closely related to business operations. Large parts of the Swedish industry are behind in the digital transformation and have only recently begun to clean up their structure of old systems and integrations. A recession can accelerate the need for digitization to streamline operations and thus increase the need for external specialist expertise. We have in-depth technical knowledge of tools used in this area and are partners with the largest suppliers, including Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Hubspot, Braze, Selligent and more, but our greatest expertise lies in our understanding of the business and the ability to translate business needs into technical implementations that create business results.


It has been four years since Leadfront became members of CONVENDUM. A collaboration that Maddja Nazari describes as the future of work and provides a world-class workplace.

When did you become a member of CONVENDUM and why?
Ever since we started the company in 2017, we have chosen the concept of Coworking and have been members of some of the best providers in Stockholm. The reason why we eventually chose CONVENDUM four years ago is the personal and professional environment that CONVENDUM has managed to create. Thanks to our collaboration with CONVENDUM, we offer the best workplace to our colleagues. We can focus on what we are good at and leave the administrative tasks around the workplace to those who do it best: our friends at CONVENDUM.

Why do you enjoy working at CONVENDUM?
CONVENDUM has managed to create a personal and enjoyable environment with a high level of service. The working environment we get thanks to our CONVENDUM membership is 100% in line with our company culture and is a big part of our employer branding. We see ourselves as members of a network that focuses on our well-being and is responsive to our needs and feedback.

In what ways does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday?
As a smaller company, you do not always have the opportunity to create the workplace you want to offer your employees. There are significant costs associated with building and maintaining a good workplace, from modern furniture and functional spaces to other service services such as having breakfast every morning and after-work every week. Through our collaboration with CONVENDUM, we can offer our colleagues a modern and functional workplace without any administrative tasks or overhead costs associated with it.

A world-class workplace

The pandemic accelerated change in many areas and was a major driving force for digitalization in many companies. After the pandemic, the way we look at the workplace has changed significantly. Being able to scale up and down the number of workplaces depending on the company’s situation and the world around us is not always easy. Our colleagues often work with our clients or remotely, so it is important for us to have a common meeting place where we can all meet, socialize, and exchange experiences. CONVENDUM offers companies a flexible and customized solution for the workplace. The sharing economy is a trend that is taking over industries one by one, and office space is no exception. We let CONVENDUM take care of the workplace and focus on our business. In this way, we get a world-class office solution. This is the future!

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