Be your best: Jonas Olovsson

Jonas Olovsson is currently a Senior Advisor at The Scaling School and has worked with several tech companies focused on growth. Read more about how Jonas combines his interest in growth, tech solutions, and people.

For those who don’t know, who are you?
I’m a passionate growth hacker who combines modern tech solutions and people for sustainable growth.

What is The Scaling School, and what is your role?
The Scaling School is a digital toolbox that helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. We started about a year ago, and today has over 100+ young entrepreneurs in Sweden, Finland, and Africa already received help in realizing their business ideas. We are based in Sweden, and our plan is to reach out to startup accelerators and incubators in Europe and Africa on a large scale in 2023.

What tasks are you currently working on?
The Scaling School has enormous potential to quickly reach thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. I am currently working on setting up our Go-To-Market Playbook so that we can recruit and onboard new colleagues efficiently this year.

What are you most proud of in your professional work?
Creating opportunities for other people to develop in fast-growing and healthy companies.

What are your career plans for the future?
I have a great passion for how tech helps people reach their full potential in a sustainable way over the long term. When evaluating new opportunities, there are many interesting Swedish companies in HRTech that are aiming to expand internationally.

Aside from work, where do you get your energy?
I bike about 30 kilometers a day, back and forth between home and office. It gives me time to mentally prepare for the day’s tasks and process what has happened.

Jonas Olovsson became a member of CONVENDUM in 2017 and has worked for several growth companies, which are also member companies of CONVENDUM. A workplace that enables success even when growth rates can be difficult to plan for.

When did you become a member of CONVENDUM and why?
I have worked for several growth companies in the tech industry that have chosen to become members of CONVENDUM. In 2017 I was Sales Manager of the HRTech company &frankly. When the growth rate increased significantly we chose to become a member of CONVENDUM. A membership meant that we could focus on our core business instead of managing our own office. Access to private offices, well-managed Coworking spaces, and fantastic service staff in a central location also made it easier to attract top talents to the team. The same was true for the growth company SP CE Technologies AB, a company in Marketing Tech where I was also the Sales Manager. Like &frankly, they chose to become members of CONVENDUM when they were scaling up.

Why do you enjoy Coworking at CONVENDUM?
The mix of member companies means that my own network expands beyond our own industry. Even if it doesn’t directly affect our own sales, it’s a place for networking. We recommend vacant positions and good candidates to each other.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday and career journey?
For me, an inspiring and functional work environment is important. I am convinced that many of those who have chosen to start working for the companies I have worked for would not have done so if we did not have a really great office.

How does CONVENDUM create conditions for growth?
I think CONVENDUM’s Coworking concept is the most flexible and scalable solution when small companies are scaling up. Growth rates are difficult to plan for, from personnel to office space. Having the ability to easily increase and decrease office space makes it not only cost-effective but also time-effective.

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