Be your best: Beatrice Lundell

Beatrice Lundell has a broad background in sales and project management, and today she is the Sales Manager at Zip Clip Solutions AB, which holds a global patent for ZlideOn. A Swedish innovation and product that repairs a broken zipper in a matter of seconds. Beatrice Lundell is passionate about sustainability and innovation, as well as sustainability from a holistic perspective. In addition, she has built up the training studio Hart54 in Stockholm.

For those who don’t know, who are you?
I love Stockholm, but Gothenburg will always be home to me. The job I have today suits my personality and lifestyle very well because I can work from different locations. I love traveling and exercising.

Tell me, what do you do today?
I have a broad background in sales and project management. Today, I mainly work in sales, business development, and project management for a company called ZlideOn, a Swedish innovation and a mature startup. The most important aspect of the company is that we focus a lot on sustainability. We want to teach people how to make the most of their clothes. I love the ZlideOn product, with just one click, you can easily fix your zipper. It’s great for the environment, and it also saves money because you don’t need to buy something new; you can use what you already have.

What is your role?
Today, I am the sales manager at ZlideOn, and on the side, I have been involved in building up the training studio Hart54 in Stockholm.

What is the most important thing you do?
Sales and building long-term partnerships with our customers. Something I’m passionate about is sustainability and innovation, but also sustainability from a holistic perspective. How can I help the world, people, and my profession become more sustainable?

What are you most proud of?
That I am fearless when it comes to taking on new challenges and projects. I am good at seeing opportunities and solutions in most things, which often leads to sales and relationship building.

What does the future look like?
We are trying to promote ZlideOn in different markets and have some exciting customers on the horizon. My next training goal is the Stockholm Marathon.

What are your career plans for the future?
My dream is to expand ZlideOn into new markets and lead a larger team that will help the company grow and become the best in sustainability. I want to find new exciting products and solutions that help customers in the area where we operate: textile repair and zippers. I also want to develop myself in sales and leadership.

Where do you draw your energy from?
From a workout session with wonderful people that is followed by a good dinner with lots of laughter and deep conversations. That’s a really good energy boost! I was born and raised with sports and have always trained and competed. The key to recovery is exercise, every day. So, I also draw energy from the running track, the golf course, or the mountains. Preferably in the company of family and close friends. Another place where I find energy is in the kitchen, and I have a burning interest in food, health, and drinks.

ZlideOn became members of CONVENDUM in 2020 when CONVENDUM opened at Biblioteksgatan 29. One of the many advantages of their workspace is the central location and the excellent working environment.

When did you become a member of CONVENDUM and why?
We were looking for a new office in 2020, the same year CONVENDUM opened at Biblioteksgatan 29 in Stockholm. Today, there are two of us with our own office and a great view of Humlegården and the Royal Library. The reason we’re here is partly because of the address. It’s flexible and great, right in the city center.

Why do you enjoy being at CONVENDUM?
CONVENDUM has the best offices throughout Stockholm. It’s always clean and fresh, a great working environment, and the staff is fantastic, always helpful and accommodating when you need assistance. The feeling is that you belong to a large company with many colleagues who brighten up your day with good conversations and laughter. Today, I have made new friends and received valuable advice from people I wouldn’t have met if I weren’t a member of CONVENDUM. I have also become very close to the staff at CONVENDUM, so they have become my best friends at CONVENDUM. If I don’t have my colleagues here, it’s the CONVENDUM staff that I have. Site Manager Monique Gordon is absolutely amazing.

Do you benefit from the available network, for example?
It’s an exciting and dynamic place for creative people who need to build their network across different companies. Among the other members at CONVENDUM, there are consultants who come in and help us. We have sought assistance where we lack expertise, such as in marketing. Here, I make very good use of CONVENDUM’s network.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday and overall career journey?
ZlideOn has been a member for three years, and we use the different addresses where CONVENDUM is located. When we’re out on client visits, attending various events, and meeting new people. Sometimes, it’s also nice to have a change of environment and encounter new faces. Then I go to CONVENDUM on Kungsgatan. I am probably at CONVENDUM every day because I am very mobile in my job, and I need to come in quite a bit on weekends.

In what ways does CONVENDUM contribute to renewal, innovation, and entrepreneurship?
All members and companies have the opportunity to meet new colleagues, customers, and exchange services. There is a wide variety of people and companies at CONVENDUM, and it brings them together.

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