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Andy Pimmeshofer is Co-Founder and CEO of Minnesota Communication, a communication agency that focuses on Brand Engagement. Learn more about Andy Pimmeshofer and how CONVENDUM creates the right conditions for him to run his business.

Tell us, who is Andy Pimmeshofer?
My name is Andy Pimmeshofer who has worked in the agency world my whole life. Today, I am the CEO of Minnesota, which I founded with Jonas Cavallin over 20 years ago.

What is Minnesota?
Minnesota Communication is a communication agency that focuses on Brand Engagement. We help our clients strengthen their brands and increase profitability by engaging internal and external target audiences. We do this through events, sponsorship and content marketing.

What are you currently focusing on?
Currently, our focus is on preparing ourselves and ensuring that we have a good start of the new year. The demand for our services has increased again and we are currently recruiting additional colleagues who can join us at the beginning of the year. It is important to have both people and processes in place for the business to run smoothly and for us to create value for our clients.

What is your strongest motivation?
My strongest motivation is praise. By that, I don’t mean praise for me personally, but when teams and colleagues receive praise from clients or when the entire agency wins awards in different competitions. And of course, delivering positive results financially. Minnesota’s successes make me, as CEO, very proud.

What are you most proud of professionally?
For me, it’s about making people happy and helping them develop to do a great job for our clients. I am probably best at surrounding myself with fantastic people who are both skilled and decent. I usually say that “everything is about people,” and then it’s about both finding and retaining the best colleagues. I give everyone great freedom, individual responsibility, and gladly let my colleagues shine with their successes, which is completely natural since it is they and all of us together who create success.

Where do you draw energy from?
Good question. I draw energy from people around me. My children and my partner give me incredible energy, and of course, my colleagues at Minnesota and our clients do too. I like to play padel, tennis, and go skiing. I was a sports fanatic in my younger years but haven’t prioritized it in the middle of my life. To feel even better, it is now time to increase my exercise again.

What are your career plans for the future?
I enjoy working at Minnesota Communication and plan to continue as CEO for a good while longer. So much has happened and is happening all the time, and I feel a positive development, both for the agency and for me personally.

CONVENDUM contributes to a better workday

Minnesota Communication moved into CONVENDUM almost 6 years ago and is located on CONVENDUM Vasagatan 16. Andy Pimmeshofer describes the workplace as fantastic, with a strategic location in the city and scalability that allows them to focus on their core business thanks to CONVENDUM.

When did Minnesota Communication move into CONVENDUM?
I became a member of CONVENDUM just over 5 years ago, in September 2017. We moved into CONVENDUM Vasagatan 16 at that time. We had had several different offices over the years, mostly on our own, but we wanted to sit in a coworking space. We looked at several different options, but chose CONVENDUM and we have not regretted it. We are now in our sixth year.

Why do you want to have your office at CONVENDUM?
The CONVENDUM product is of very high quality, from the working environment with offices and meeting rooms to lounges and the entire interior design that gives a warm feeling, almost like a lovely hotel, to the professional and personal service. It feels like we have become good friends with many of CONVENDUM’s employees over the years. When it comes to CONVENDUM here on Vasagatan 16, I must also mention that the location is fantastic. In the middle of the city and opposite the central station – it can’t get any better. Both employees and customers think it’s great. Scalability is another USP. In recent years, we have both reduced and increased the number of employees. We have been able to expand and reduce our office space in a very flexible way. Signing 5-year contracts for a dedicated office with fixed rent and long notice periods feels outdated.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday?
CONVENDUM allows both me and my colleagues to focus 100% on our customers and our own business. I usually say that it’s so nice that the coffee is ready, the toilets are clean, the copier works, and someone greets us with a big smile. Everything just working gives us a great value and contributes to a better workday and perhaps even our career in general.

How do you think CONVENDUM contributes to business opportunity in Sweden?
CONVENDUM functions as a platform with lots of opportunities for companies to grow, recruit more people, and so on. A lovely environment and gathering place where small and medium-sized businesses reside under the same roof.

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