Be your best: Alexander Pärleros

Alexander Pärleros is a successful entrepreneur who, among other things, founded the largest interview podcast in the Nordics, Framgångspodden.

For those who don’t know, who are you?
I am the founder of the largest interview podcast in the Nordics, Framgångspodden, the company Panc Media, and the comparison service Pensionera. I live in Marbella with my wife, Ida, and our two children.

Why did you choose to start your own business?
I wanted to spread my wings. The first companies didn’t go very well, but some others have been very successful. It’s been ups and downs like most people experience.

What is the most important thing you do?
To be a voice that helps other voices be heard.

What are you most proud of in your professional work?
I am most proud of being able to contribute to the development and transformation of other people, helping them dare to follow their own path.

What are your career plans for the future?
I will continue with the podcast Framgångspodden. Additionally, I am in the process of starting a real estate company in Spain with my wife, Ida.

Where do you draw your energy from?
From exercise, sleep, massage, and being with my children. Taking time for myself to have the stamina for the long run.

Today, Alexander Pärleros lives in Marbella with his family. Through CONVENDUM, his employees and podcast guests in Stockholm have a workplace at a central address with a large network and first-class service.

Why do you and your employees enjoy being at CONVENDUM?
I have been a member of CONVENDUM since 2019, and CONVENDUM always provides first-class service. You don’t lack anything in your daily work at the office; everything you might need is available. It’s an amazing environment to be in. You can always feel confident that CONVENDUM’s staff and additional services will meet your needs in your daily work.

Do you benefit from the available network?
My employees who work at CONVENDUM have often received help and advice from others in different industries who are also at CONVENDUM.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your workday and overall career journey?
At CONVENDUM, we have a central location in the heart of Stockholm, which makes it very convenient for our podcast guests to reach us. We also have the opportunity to work around the clock since we have multiple productions per week.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to a better working environment?
Companies at CONVENDUM don’t have to worry much about improving the working environment because CONVENDUM takes care of it. It’s a fantastic and relaxed work environment while also being part of an incredible network.

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