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SJ is the official travel partner to CONVENDUM. This means, among other things, that CONVENDUM members can travel sustainably at a lower price and that SJ’s business customers can be inspired by us at CONVENDUM.

As a market-leading train operator, SJ joins Sweden, as well as Scandinavia’s capitals, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. This creates opportunities for people to live and work or study in different places and travel in an easy and sustainable manner.

160 years ago, SJ’s first train departed from Gothenburg Central. Today, SJ daily runs 1,200 departures from 284 stations – from Narvik in the north to Copenhagen to the south and from Stockholm to the east to Oslo to the west. Every day, 130,000 people choose to travel with one of SJ’s departures. For example, SJ has 18 departures between Stockholm-Gothenburg in each direction. The fastest travel time is 2 h 55 min.

SJ’s main contribution to sustainable development is that as many people as possible choose to travel with us. A sustainable journey is about more than just environment. We want to be best at meeting customer needs and therefore act in a broad social perspective. As a sustainable train operator, social, environmental and financial responsibility goes hand in hand.

SJ has a strong brand in terms of durability and most people know that the train is an environmentally good choice. Travel with our trains is energy efficient and provides low emissions. SJ buys 100% renewable electricity from water and wind to power the trains, and all journeys with SJ have been labeled with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Good Environmental Choice since 1994.

The more people choose the train, the better for the environment – together we contribute to a sustainable society.
For SJ, it is a new opportunity to offer business travelers something more than just the journey itself. Thanks to the cooperation between SJ and CONVENDUM, business travelers are offered a place to work and create valuable contacts both before and after the trip.

All CONVENDUM members are offered up to 10% discount on travel with SJ. The discount is valid until 31 December 2018. SJ’s business travelers offer a 20% discount on meeting rooms for up to 10 people.

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