As a member, you will enjoy comfortable lounges and bookable meeting rooms along with professional service. By moving your business to CONVENDUM, you will get more than just an office. You will also gain access to activity-based open coworking spaces, lounges, conference centres, restaurants, cafés, gyms and much more.

There are plenty of reasons to choose CONVENDUM for renting an office space in Stockholm. Book a viewing or get in touch with us, and we will tell you more about our modern and cost-efficient office solutions.

Available offices in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most fast-growing cities. With every day that passes more people move here, which in turn increases the demand for available office spaces in Stockholm. Most sought after are offices in the central parts of Stockholm.

That is why the CONVENDUM team are happy to be able to offer modern and cost-efficient office spaces for rent on several attractive locations in Stockholm. Partly in central districts, partly in areas outside the city centre:

• Offices Södermalm
• Offices Östermalm
• Offices Norrmalm
• Offices Kungsholmen
• Offices Vasastan


Offices for rent in Stockholm

Several of our office spaces are located in and around Stockholm City, close to most business districts, hotels and restaurants. Our flagship location in the capital city (on Vasagatan 16, 111 20 Stockholm) is just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm Central Station. However, we also see the benefits of working close to home and to businesses in other geographical areas. That is why you can also find CONVENDUM in some suburbs.

So what value does locations in various areas of the city bring to our members? The primary advantage is that you get to choose between a number of places to work in Stockholm. If your company has a private office at CONVENDUM on Södermalm, you can still head to our location in Vasastan to get some work done. For example after a meeting with a client in this part of town, you we get access to a coworking-system not only in Stockholm but also in Gothenburg, Mallorca and our up and coming establishments.

In other words, as a member you are welcome to all CONVENDUM Coworking spaces in Stockholm and in other cities. A perfect solution when you want to minimise the time you spend on transport to get as much as possible done for the day.

How to rent our private offices in Stockholm

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to rent an office in Stockholm. Please get in touch with us to book a viewing or get a suggestion of office spaces that match the needs of your business. Please use the contact form on this page.

Our competent advisors and staff will provide efficient communication for a smooth process. They will answer all your questions about rent and other matters relating to having an office with us in Stockholm, based on a tailored offer for your business. New members are often able to move in on short notice, provided that the kind of office you want is available.

Why you should rent an office in Stockholm through us

There is more than one good reason to rent an office at CONVENDUM in Stockholm. Below we have listed some of them:

Offices in various sizes

Our modern offices in Stockholm are available for rent in various sizes. This makes CONVENDUM a great option for small, midsized and large businesses. Perhaps your company is just starting out, maybe it has been around for a decade or more. Whatever the case may be, there is a place for you at CONVENDUM.

CONVENDUM offers flexible rental agreements, which makes us a great fit for businesses in different situations. When renting one of our offices, you can easily switch to a larger or smaller space depending on how things develop.

Stay and grow with us for years to come or use CONVENDUM as a temporary solution while looking for another office in Stockholm. That is up to you. We focus on solving your office related challenges by offering complete spaces that you can easily move into and start working in.

Ergonomic design furniture

A great advantage of our premium offices is that they are fully equipped with ergonomic designer furniture. Pieces such as desks, office chairs and storage solutions are already there when you move in. Our own unique furniture collection has been developed in collaboration with Ragnars. They customise the interiors based on the size and shape of the office.

Ragnars is an established furniture design business that have developed interiors for many attractive office spaces in Sweden. The company formed its roots in Jönköping during the 1950s. Since then it has developed a robust tradition of craftsmanship and combined it with the latest technology. In our collaborative collection you will find comfortable and elegant furniture in calm and jewel-like tones and materials, which bring their own elegant flair to our spaces.

With adjustable desks and chairs, you and your co-workers can easily modify your workstations. Clever storage solutions make it easy to put away materials not needed right now. By offering ergonomic designer furniture shaped for the unique room, we can consistently maintain the highest possible level of function and aesthetics.

Access to conference and meeting rooms

We understand the value in being able to have private meetings. All our offices in Stockholm have access to multiple meeting and conference rooms in varying sizes. You can host meetings with participant numbers ranging from two people to 120.

Just as our offices, the meeting and conference rooms are fully equipped with tasteful and ergonomic decor. For friction-free presentations and meetings, the latest technology is also installed.

Thanks to the central locations, external guests can get to and from your meetings with ease. Our competent service staff ensure that your guests receive the best possible welcome as soon as they walk in. We can also assist you with food and beverages if you wish.

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Premium service

As the offices are located in or in connection to our Coworking spaces, you can easily partake in all our services and offers. For example, you and your colleagues can use all open coworking areas, lounges, restaurants, cafés, gyms and other comforts available at our locations.

At CONVENDUM, you can make yourself comfortable in a couch for some focused work on your laptop. Or bounce ideas off your co-workers. There are plenty of space to gather groups or find a spot to work by yourself. In areas for focused work, with desks separated by partitions, you are able to concentrate in a more silent environment, while the large lounge spaces are great for coffee breaks as well as brainstorming sessions with the whole team. Do not forget to grab a coffee or tea, which our staff make sure is always available during office hours.

To make sure you are able to focus solely on your core business, our locations are staffed during all workdays. This means you do not have to think about services such as the reception, cleaning, wifi, printer, IT support or similar.


With access to open Coworking spaces and lounges, moving your offices to CONVENDUM gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to develop in a social and networking context. Daily breakfasts and weekly after works become a natural place to meet and connect with a community to exchange ideas and knowledge, discover new business opportunities and begin new collaborations with other members.

24-hour access to your office

To independently be able to control your work hours is important to many, whether that means getting to the office early in the morning or staying a little later. That is why our offices are available for you and your co-workers around the clock every day of the year.

A more comfortable office space in Stockholm

Most of us spend a large portion of our time at work, during most days in the week. So it hardly comes as a surprise that the place we work in can impact our well-being. At CONVENDUM you will find every prerequisite for a pleasant and productive workday. Whether you are hosting a meeting or planning to spend most of the day at your desk.

A pleasant atmosphere, inviting spaces and constant supply of coffee is just the beginning. Please get in touch with us, and we will tell you more about renting an office space from us in Stockholm. Our contact form can be found on this page.

You will find more photos from our office spaces and information on our social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

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