Explaining serviced offices, office hotels and business centres

These days an increasing number of organisations choose to move operations to spaces called serviced offices, office hotels or business centres. But what do these terms mean? And what are the advantages? In this article we aim to make sense of this and take the opportunity to tell you about our flexible office solutions, which offer much more than traditional Swedish office hotels.

Why do businesses choose office hotels?

Alternative office solutions have rapidly increased in popularity over the past years. In broad strokes, an office hotel is a building, or part of a building, where it is possible to rent one or more office spaces. Either in an open-plan office or in private rooms. In that way an office hotel is similar to serviced offices and business centres.

The fact that these solutions are becoming more attractive for businesses should come as no surprise. Because the advantages are many. Some of the most prominent are more flexible and profitable rental terms, compared to traditional offices. And with more premium serviced offices comes the opportunity to get services such as a manned reception desk, wifi, IT-support and post handling, which is a great selling point for many. Contemporary serviced offices have also become a meeting point for businesses. Often a wide spectrum of companies of different sizes from various industries get the chance to network.

CONVENDUM – More than a serviced office

At CONVENDUM we aim to offer something beyond the traditional office hotels, business centres and serviced offices. Instead of a point of gathering for young, newly formed businesses we offer a platform for all types of companies to meet and communicate. Regardless of size. A place where start-ups and traditional businesses can interact and where capital, innovation and experience are exchanged on an everyday basis.

By establishing modern Coworking spaces in central business districts, while combining premium offices with activity-based open-plan coworking, lounge, conference centres, restaurants, cafés and gyms, we create an inspiring place where companies can grow and focus on their core business.

While traditional office hotels offer a mostly temporary solution, our Coworking spaces are more long-term options that meet the needs of employees now and in the future. In other words – a modern and flexible take on the current solutions.

Serviced offices with flexible memberships

When you choose us, you sign up for a flexible membership which gives you access to all our Coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg and our upcoming establishments in Europe. The membership lets you use our Coworking spaces around the clock, every day of the week. This way you can choose exactly when you work based on your needs and schedule.

In addition to accessing lounges, coworking, meeting and conference rooms, kitchenettes, gyms and roof terraces during whatever time suits you, the membership also includes wifi, printer and complete office technology. And you will not have to focus on time-draining coordination of costly services such as cleaning, IT support, reception desk and post handling.

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If you need to work in your own space and a more private environment, it is possible to rent one or more private offices. These exclusive offices are equipped with elegant colour choices and tailored furniture in international design. They are also fully equipped with adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and well-planned storage solutions.

Office hotel with greater community feel

Moving operations to one of our Coworking space means becoming part of the community with our great members. Daily breakfasts and weekly after works give you a natural meeting point for exchanging ideas and knowledge with other members. Thanks to this environment where different industries meet and complete each other, new opportunities for business and collaboration come along. And knowledge is exchanged.

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CONVENDUM establishes modern and sought-after Coworking spaces and Living in central business districts. We offer premium offices combined with activity based coworking, lounges, conference centres, restaurants, cafés, health clubs, music studios and showrooms. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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