CONVENDUM AB (publ), (hereafter CONVENDUM) provides products and services that streamline our customers’ operations, processes and flows in several areas. As a consequence of streamlining administrative flows, we see that paper consumption decreases as more communication becomes electronic with a reduced environmental impact on our customers as a result.

This environmental policy forms the basis for CONVENDUM’s environmental work. It defines how CONVENDUM’s operations affect the environment, who or who within the organization is responsible (a) and how environmental policy is translated into goals and actions.

CONVENDUM conducts active environmental work in collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Together with these players, CONVENDUM strives to meet and exceed the requirements set. CONVENDUM shall, as a minimum, comply with applicable legal requirements regarding its environmental aspects and, in the few parts of the business where relevant, prevent pollution and other adverse environmental impacts.

The CEO is responsible for compliance with the law and ultimately responsible for CONVENDUM’s environmental work. At each unit, the site manager is responsible for ensuring that internal environmental guidelines are followed.

The environmental policy must be communicated to all employees within the company and it is incumbent on each manager to ensure that this happens within his own part of the organization. Each manager must inform his or her subordinates of the environmental policy at least once a quarter.

It is the responsibility of every employee to follow the rules and procedures that the company has set up regarding the company’s environmental work. The environmental management of the units is managed by the operational staff. The responsible purchaser is responsible for ensuring that environmental considerations are taken into account when purchasing and purchasing the company.

In its operations, the company has identified the following areas as its most important from an environmental point of view:

The company’s operations are for the most part of an office character and in the daily work there are waste of various kinds, such as paper, packaging, electronics, fluorescent lamps and batteries. The company strives to reduce the amount of waste and that the waste that is generated must be recycled in an environmentally sound way.

When purchasing, it is primarily by choosing the environmentally best supplier or product that CONVENDUM can reduce its environmental impact. For all purchases and procurements of products and systems, the environment must be considered as a parameter. Consumable goods purchased must have one of the well-established eco-labels. When purchasing, the responsible buyer must actively work to minimize emissions via shipping. This is achieved through a purchasing strategy that advocates fewer purchases with larger deliveries per occasion, rather than the opposite.

Handling of food in the form of hot and cold food and dry goods is handled in accordance with the regulations laid down by the local Environmental Administration. CONVENDUM must never break into procedures and processes regarding the regulations laid down by the Environmental Authorities.

Convendum complies with the National Food Agency’s guidelines for food handling on all our units. This applies to breakfasts, sales in our café and catering of food to our conferences.

The competent control authority is usually the environmental and health protection board or the equivalent in the municipality where the company plant is located, but for some plants it is the Swedish Food Agency.

In the business, energy is consumed in the form of heat, hot water and electricity. CONVENDUM works to reduce both energy consumption and the energy used to be ecolabelled.

CONVENDUM’s suppliers affect the environment by, for example, handling the exit or discarded equipment. In addition to considering the environment when selecting suppliers, CONVENDUM shall work to reduce the suppliers’ environmental impact.

In the small amount of chemicals used, they must be approved by the internal responsible and be the choice that works for the business with the least environmental impact.

When traveling on duty, it is always considered if any of the following measures are reasonable to implement. Choice of means of transport for a more environmentally friendly alternative, for example trains instead of flights; the use of alternatives to travel such as video conferencing and the selection of vehicles with lower environmental impact.

Carrying out active environmental work and reducing the company’s environmental impact is continuous work with continuous improvements. Every year, this environmental policy is updated and based on it, the identified environmental aspects are translated into environmental goals with action plans to achieve them.

Every year checks should be carried out to see if the environmental objectives are met. If this is not the case, an action plan to achieve the goals should be drawn up. Responsible for this self-control is the respective site manager.

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