At CONVENDUM’s Coworking spaces there are plenty of offices for rent, and we provide much more than traditional office solutions. For example, flexible rental agreements, which make it easy to scale your office space up or down as your needs change. The membership includes services such as our reception desk, cleaning, technology, support and all administration in connection to the space.

We call the concept of renting a lockable office in connection to our Coworking spaces “private office”. This is an excellent choice for small, mid-sized and large businesses, as we have offices for rent in most sizes. From small spaces with fewer workstations, to offices that cover entire floors.

Privat kontor

If you rent an office, you and your co-workers are naturally free to use our entire floor plan with reception desk, phone rooms, cafés, lounges, gyms, kitchenettes, roof terraces, coworking, conference spaces and meeting rooms. You will find us on many addresses in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Mallorca (and many more places to come in the future).


In addition to a workspace in a professional environment, our offices give you access to office storage and ergonomic furniture in premium design. The office decor includes adjustable desks and comfortable chairs.

By the way, did you know that we also offer exclusive short-term and long-term living? The solution is called CONVENDUM Living.

Would you like to learn more about our offices and their ergonomic design, lounges, floor plan and flexible terms?

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Ove Hansson
Chief Commercial Officer

Office Stockholm

If you are looking to rent a good-looking and comfortable office in Stockholm, CONVENDUM is the right partner for you. We offer a large range of premium offices at attractive locations, where you have every opportunity to give visitors a warm and professional welcome with our first class service.

Office Gothenburg

Are you looking for an office in Gothenburg with elegant decor, excellent service and great flexibility? Get in touch with us at CONVENDUM. We rent out modern offices at an attractive, central location in Gothenburg, right on the main boulevard called “Avenyn”.

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    Book a tour

    Feel free to book a tour at CONVENDUM.

    Fill out the form below or give us a call at +46 (0)10 510 08 88 or send an email to