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Are you sick of rigid rental agreements and boring office spaces? Right now, the market for offices is facing a major change. The old kind of office hotels do not fit the needs of Stockholm in the future. The demand for modern and premium solutions have increased significantly over the past few years. CONVENDUM Coworking spaces, a new kind of exclusive serviced offices in Stockholm, are fantastic alternatives if you are looking to leave the office hotels of the past behind you.

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Why you should rent a serviced office in Stockholm

Flexible ways of working are becoming increasingly wide-spread amongst modern businesses. And accommodating office spaces are beginning to replace the traditional solutions. The advantages are many, especially for fast-growing companies that find it difficult to tie themselves up to lengthy and economically draining rental agreements.

Open and cost-efficient offices with comprehensive services simply replace the old-fashioned options. No more personal entrances, infrastructure, self-service and economically draining rents.

We started CONVENDUM for you, who is looking for a modern premium office space in a great position to represent your business. A place at our innovative office hotels in Stockholm is an asset for large and mid-sized organisations. All members benefit from lower ongoing costs and reduced administration compared to the classic type of office, as all services are included and coworking areas are shared with others. If you are running a smaller business our Coworking spaces will give you and your co-workers a larger network, where you can discover opportunities for new collaborations. So regardless of whether you are running a small-scale start-up or an established business with a large number of employees, CONVENDUM has a lot to offer.

We provide you with cost-efficient serviced offices in Stockholm, that do not feel like a cheap office hotel in any way. You only pay for the type of membership that you need, but always have access an exclusive and premium looking environment.

A part of your business’ journey

Our modern Coworking spaces encourage innovation, exchange of knowledge and collaborations between businesses and industries. Beyond the beneficial and comprehensive service solutions, all our serviced offices in Stockholm are decorated with exclusive and ergonomic furniture in international design. All to create the best conditions for your business.

The opportunity to adjust the size of your office based on the needs and development of your business, without having to think about services such as cleaning, tech support and reception desk, is a long-term solution meeting the needs of the employees of today as well as those of tomorrow. In the short term, moving in becomes much easier with us, since everything is put in place right from the start. We do not just become a landlord, but a part of your business’ journey, making sure all the practical aspects along the way work as they should in a professional and inspiring environment.

Rent a serviced office in Stockholm

Our modern and efficient office environments offer something beyond what you may expect from a “regular” office hotel in Stockholm. At CONVENDUM you will find an inspiring combination of activity-based open spaces with lounges, coworking, conference centres, restaurants, gyms, roof terraces and cafés.

This makes us a perfect base for your day-to-day life, where you can get comfortable and enjoy pleasant workdays. At the same time, you will always have access to an exclusive environment that you can invite people to for important meetings and conferences. CONVENDUM is situated close to shops, restaurants, transportation hubs and business districts, in the middle of a pulsating eco-system where many businesses are located. This means accessibility, short transports to and from meetings as well as easy movability.

Also, our memberships come with benefits such as cost-efficient rental agreements, short notice periods and the chance to adjust office space based on your needs.

Where in Stockholm are our office hotels?

CONVENDUM’s serviced offices are found in Stockholm City and some suburbs. You can find us in most of the capital city’s most attractive business districts. For example:

Katarinavägen 15 – With a stunning view over Djurgården from one of Stockholm’s best-known properties: “Glashuset” (the glass house) right by Slussen on Södermalm.

Strandvägen 1 – A stone’s throw from Stureplan, close to the metro, shopping, restaurants and nightlife, on one of Stockholm’s most well-known addresses.

Jakobsbergsgatan 16 – At the heart of the Central Business District. In our amazing environment with an open lounge and large windows, coworking meets private offices and lounge.

Vasagatan 16 – Right next to the main metro and train station, our Coworking space provides an inviting environment for spontaneous meetings and efficient workdays.

Gävlegatan 16 – Our Coworking space in Hagastaden, a newly built part of town, covers seven floors. This top-of-the-line space welcomes you in 2020.

Access to all our office hotels in and outside of Stockholm

When you sign up for a membership with CONVENDUM, you get 24/7 access to all our exclusive office hotels in Stockholm. The membership makes you part of our professional community, which will give you the opportunity to grow and develop with other members.

The fact that you can also use our serviced offices in other cities makes it easier to work on the go. Whether you are in your hometown or in Gothenburg, you can host meetings. You are also able to work with full focus in comfortable lounges and coworking areas. This makes CONVENDUM an attractive and practical solution for those looking for modern office solutions with great flexibility.

How to rent a space at our office hotel in Stockholm

When you get in touch with us, we will invite you to a viewing of our serviced offices in Stockholm. Naturally, we will help you find a setup that fits your company, you, and your colleagues. Regardless if that means one or a number of offices, or a simpler solution.

We welcome you to book a viewing with us and discover how your business could take things to the next level. Please use the form to get in touch with us at CONVENDUM.


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