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Are you looking for an office in Gothenburg with elegant decor, excellent service and great flexibility? Get in touch with us at CONVENDUM. We rent out modern offices at an attractive, central location in Gothenburg, right on the main boulevard called “Avenyn”.

What is included in all our offices

Our open lounges offer workplaces and excellent opportunities for spontaneous meetings.

Our centers have several coworking area where you can work on your own or with colleagues and customers.

Access to CONVENDUM 24/7 with your member card.

Breakfast is served in the lounge every weekday between 08:00 and 09:30.

Our staff is on site every day between 08:00 and 17:00 to help you with your every question.

Members have access to our well-equipped gyms at Katarinavägen 15, Biblioteksgatan 29 (only house guests), Gävlegatan 16, Fleminggatan 18, Vasagatan 16 and Kungsportsavenyn 21.

Our center’s offer WIFI and wired connection.

Free prints on high-quality printers are included in the membership.

Get access to exclusive offers, book meeting rooms, get to know other members and more – right from your phone.

Our offices and Coworking areas are equipped with modern and ergonomic furniture.

Register your business at CONVENDUM.

Besides these benefits, CONVENDUM offers much more. Contact us to learn more.

Available offices in central Gothenburg

The location of Gothenburg makes it a great base for travel within Sweden and to Europe. Perhaps that is why an increasing number of businesses have established themselves in the city during the past years.

At CONVENDUM, we are pleased to be able to offer modern offices for rent in the heart of Gothenburg, on Kungsportsavenyn 21. Our space consists of seven floors, where private offices are combined with open Coworking spaces, lounges, meeting and conference rooms, and much more.

At the top of the building you will find a grand roof terrace, offering a delightful view over Avenyn with sunshine from morning to evening. Follow the lead of a growing number of companies and rent one of our available offices in the centre of Gothenburg.


Perks of renting an office from us in Gothenburg

There are many good reasons to choose CONVENDUM. Below we have listed some of them:

Large or small office in Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, we rent out offices in various sizes, ranging from small to entire floors of the building. This enables us to help organisations of all sizes to find an attractive office solution. Also, we offer flexible rental agreements, which enables you to scale your office space up or down as your needs change. This way, you can choose a more exclusive or a more budget-friendly office in Gothenburg. All in the same comfortable and inviting setting.

Ergonomic designer furniture

Synonymous with our offices is the furniture collection, designed exclusively for CONVENDUM for fully equipped office spaces. Each room is provided with office chairs, adjustable desks and clever storage solutions which all reach a high international standard.

The furniture is made by our supplier Ragnars, who tailor all the decor for the size of each office. Ragnars has been on the market since the 1950s and have shaped the interiors of many elegant office environments in Sweden.

At our offices in central Gothenburg you will find the unique collection developed for us, with pleasant couches in jewel-like tones and elegant wooden furniture in dark shades. Here you can feel at home and really focus on those demanding tasks. In short, you and your colleagues can work comfortably in a premium environment.

Central office in Gothenburg

Having an office at our central location in Gothenburg provides many advantages in an everyday context. Transport time to the office becomes about equal for co-workers living in different parts of the city. And from CONVENDUM, you can get to nice lunch restaurants in no time and run errands quickly.

Naturally, the central location also provides the advantage of easy transportation when you are going to a meeting with another company or inviting them to your office.

You find us at Kungsportsavenyn right by the Valand station, where many trams and buses stop. If you travel by train frequently, you will be happy to know that you can get to Gothenburg Central Station on foot in about 15 minutes.

Access to conference rooms

We understand the value in being able to host private phone meetings and to arrange conferences for clients, suppliers and other guests. That is why we offer many meeting and conference rooms in varying sizes. Just like our offices in Gothenburg, the conference rooms are fully equipped with exclusive furniture and the latest technology.

If you want to offer your guests some food or beverages, our service-minded staff will be happy to help.

Office in Gothenburg

Service and all-inclusive

We want to make it easy for you to focus on what is most important – your core business. That is why all office-related services, such as the reception desk, cleaning, wifi and similar, are included in the rent for your office space at CONVENDUM. Our reception desk is staffed by our welcoming staff every workday between 08-17.

Offices in Gothenburg and beyond

As a CONVENDUM member, you have access to our Coworking spaces in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. So when you reach the capital city on a business trip, it is easy to find a comfortable spot to work in for a couple of hours. For example, in the Coworking space right next to the central station.

Regardless of what time you arrive and what day of the week it is, the CONVENDUM card works as your key. CONVENDUM is also present on Mallorca and plans to open spaces in several other places. As a member, you are welcome to all of them. We hope you will feel at home.

An including community

When you move operations to CONVENDUM, you become part of our inclusive community. Sharing open Coworking spaces with other members creates opportunities for sharing experiences and making new contacts.

Our daily breakfasts and weekly after works become natural occasions to meet and develop in a social context. They also create opportunities to form new connections and collaborations for your business. Those with an office at our address in Gothenburg are of course always welcome to these events.

How to find an office to rent with us in Gothenburg

Our advisors will help you find an office space that will make you and your co-workers feel at home. Naturally with efficient and helpful communication throughout the process. Contact us using the form on this page, and we will put together a tailored offer for offices to rent in Gothenburg.

CONVENDUM establishes modern and sought-after Coworking spaces and Living in central business districts. We offer premium offices combined with activity based coworking, lounges, conference centres, restaurants, cafés, health clubs, music studios and showrooms. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.



Example based on:

1 000 sqm office with 80 employees in Stockholm.

Cost Per Year (SEK)
300 000 SEK
30 000 SEK
200 000 SEK
100 000 SEK
100 000 SEK
20 000 SEK
10 000 SEK

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