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Finding locations in attractive areas is not easy and to find a local space that has everything you are looking for, but also affordable, is virtually impossible. Here, the new era’s coworking spaces come in as an attractive solution. Significantly for a modern coworking space, it is centrally located in the most attractive areas, has large open spaces for work and meetings, high service levels, is open 24 hours a day seven days a week, and includes all the services needed in an office such as WiFi, printer, coffee, desk and more. Compared to a corresponding traditional office with the same location and the costs that arise in the form of insurance, IT, waste collection, service, signs, etc., in most cases it also reduces costs. The concept has already gained a huge impact throughout the world and attracts an ever larger customer group.


What was previously seen as the gathering point for young, newly started companies has grown and become a meeting place for all types of businesses. Here young startup companies meet more traditional activities like law firms and consultancy companies. The surroundings also have maturation, from messy rooms and ball gardens to representative premises with moderate colors and material choices. It is simply a business model that has developed and grown up.

The benefits of the traditional company are the same as for the startup, with a new economic reality, flexibility and the possibility of fast switching are important. The working methods that a coworking space allows is also a response to the direction that more and more businesses today are moving towards. That, as the tradition invites, each employee has locked in each room’s space, when most have everything they need in their laptop, new habits arise. In a coworking space you are given the opportunity to work together in different constellations according to different needs. If you have to sit alone, there is the possibility of your own office and quiet “focus departments”. Meeting and conference rooms are under the same roof and often there is also a strong service organization that offers IT support, reception, reception of guests and much more.

Coworking has now gone through seriously even in Sweden. The origin of the phenomenon is found in San Francisco, where Brad Neuberg in 2005 laid the foundation of the first cowork center as of today’s definition. The phenomenon spread like a riot in Sillicon Valley, and the concept has since been developed and refined to today’s modern workplaces. Today, one of the largest players in the global market is US WeWork, which was recently valued at $ 16 billion, becoming one of the world’s top rated startups.

In Sweden, the equivalent is found at Convendum, which started in Stockholm in spring 2016 and has already established 5 new coworking spaces in central Stockholm and Göteborg in 2017. Here we meet Paul Linderoth, CCO, who tells us what cowork means in practice and what reasons he ensure that customers move in.


“We have talked to members and companies and one of the most common answers given to the question of choosing coworkership is flexibility,” says Paul Linderoth.

Coworking spaces are often available 24 hours a day, weekdays. This means that the members themselves can put their attendance at the office according to their needs. You can also choose whether you want to sit shut in peace and quiet, or in open spaces where you can hold meetings and work with projects together with others. At Convendum there is also Private Office , then you have your own office; while at the same time you have access to all open spaces and coworkers, but you can close the door anytime you want.

“Our membership includes everything and you are not bound by long contract times and other agreements that come with your own local, Here is an agreement that applies and it has a four month notice period. ”


While flexibility is very high, members also appreciate the structure it provides to be part of the meeting and communication platform that a coworking space offers. There is a community and opportunity for networking. For example, in a survey from Deskmag, 80% of participants responded that their business network grew and the number of business increased.

“Important to emphasize, however, is that community and socializing are not enforced. Members can choose to what extent they want to socialize and collaborate with others, because some may feel confident that the platform is there, when, and if you want to use it, “adds Paul.


“We noticed that there was no puzzle piece that appeals to a broad audience in the market. First, there are young, lively cowork spaces that offer startups a first area to start their business. The second option is the traditional office hotel, all of which consist of long corridors with closed doors, but no larger common areas. At Convendum we have combined the absolute highest level of service and finish with large open spaces in the form of lounge and coworkers surrounded by private offices and full-scale conference facilities. Here you can sit in extremely representative premises, in the middle of the Central Business District, “says Paul Linderoth.

“With us it will be easy and one should feel taken care of. Members simply book a meeting room through our website, there is also the possibility to subscribe for membership directly. As part of our membership, we include a large breakfast buffet that is served every morning; and there is access to a gym, cafe, concierge services and of course everything that is associated with its workplace, such as Wi-Fi, printers and more. Everything is included, the idea is that our members can focus on their core business, the rest we take care of. “

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