CONVENDUM’s product, Office Management, is a premium complete solution for your office, which includes coordination, maintenance, and optimization of the workplace environment to ensure a seamless and efficient office operation. With world-class service, we take care of the entire office management, allowing you to focus on your core business, thereby creating conditions for your organization to work more productively and build an even more successful company.

What´s included in our service

We are responsible for functional IT and printers.

We provide food and beverages as needed.

We handle all waste and recycling.

We ensure that your office is always clean, and throughout the day, we tidy up dishes.

We provide high-quality meeting technology, and if anything doesn’t work, our staff is on-site to assist you.

We take care of security and ensure unauthorized access is prevented.

We maintain your premises and arrange for any necessary repairs.

Our staff manages your reception and welcomes your visitors with high-class service.

Access to all CONVENDUM’s Coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma de Mallorca.

We ensure that office supplies like notepads, pens, and staplers are always available.

If you need to move from your premises, we can assist in organizing the relocation.

Our on-site staff handles your incoming and outgoing mail.

Our on-site staff ensures your plants remain green and healthy.

Our staff assists you with all your document management needs.


Hybrid work is here to stay. Balancing the needs of on-site and remote employees while maintaining a consistent workplace experience requires flexible solutions. With CONVENDUM Office Management as your office operator, you get a unique solution that facilitates your workday and creates the conditions for an appealing workplace.


Managing today’s modern office is complex, requiring a systematic approach to administration. With CONVENDUM Office Management, you can delegate suppliers and other office-related services to us, streamlining your workday while saving both time and money.


Our staff provides world-class service with finesse, enhancing the workplace experience for both employees and clients. A well-maintained and thoughtfully designed workspace can foster productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction, contributing to achieving your company’s business goals.


As your office manager, CONVENDUM gives you access to around 20 Coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma de Mallorca. With CONVENDUM’s 1000+ offices, 200+ meeting and conference rooms, lounges, and cafes, you gain access to a network of satellite offices that facilitate the workday for colleagues and clients.


We aim to create the workplace of the future. By staying at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in office environments and services, we can offer outstanding solutions that maintain CONVENDUM’s high standard of service. Our goal is to make our client companies more successful, and we strive to identify the best solutions for businesses and their employees’ workdays.


Everything starts with the personal encounter. With CONVENDUM’s reception experience, your colleagues and visitors receive world-class reception. Our dedicated staff represent your brand, welcome all visitors, and ensure the smooth functioning of your premises.


Some of the services we offer are provided by subcontractors. We carefully select our suppliers, prioritizing quality, reliability, and long-term partnerships. We take responsibility to ensure that all the services we provide are carried out to the same high standard.


Let CONVENDUM become your complete office partner and experience the difference of our premium service. Contact us today to elevate your company’s work environment to a new level.

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