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Welcome to CONVENDUM Coworking space on Fleminggatan 18. With just a short walk to the central station, our office on Kungsholmen is a central hub but still close to parks, streams and residential areas. A large coworking space spread over two floors, there are plenty of open spaces to work and meet in.

Our open lounges offer workplaces and excellent opportunities for spontaneous meetings.

Our centers have several coworking area where you can work on your own or with colleagues and customers.

Access to CONVENDUM 24/7 with your member card.

Breakfast is served in the lounge every weekday between 08:00 and 09:30.

Our staff is on site every day between 08:00 and 17:00 to help you with your every question.

Members have access to our well-equipped gyms at Katarinavägen 15, Biblioteksgatan 29 (only house guests), Gävlegatan 16, Fleminggatan 18, Vasagatan 16 and Kungsportsavenyn 21.

Our center’s offer WIFI and wired connection.

Free prints on high-quality printers are included in the membership.

Get access to exclusive offers, book meeting rooms, get to know other members and more – right from your phone.

Our offices and Coworking areas are equipped with modern and ergonomic furniture.

Register your business at CONVENDUM.

Besides these benefits, CONVENDUM offers much more. Contact us to learn more.

In the iconic building Brädstapeln on Kungsholmen in Stockholm you will find CONVENDUM Coworking space on Fleminggatan 18. In the building you will have access to a great lounge, an auditorium and much more. The building is beautifully surrounded by parks and located near Klara lake and the popular Klara strand walk. On top of that it is close to both public transportation and several restaurants.

  • The location – Next to the Central Station with great public transportation in buses and subways.
  • Size – A multi-level coworking space makes it easy to find a solution that suits all types of companies.
  • Networking – As a members of CONVENDUM you receive great networking possibilities.


As a CONVENDUM member, you have a 24 hour access to lounges and coworking areas. You can book meeting and conference rooms and have access to gym, printing facilities, WiFi and daily breakfast. You also have access to all other CONVENDUM coworking spaces.

Buy a membership today.

Private office

A private office provides its own lockable office that is fully equipped with ergonomic furniture’s that are high in design and quality. It is a perfect solution for those who need to work focused and wants the opportunity to change environment during the day

Private office for 6 people

Larger office space for 30+ people


Fleminggatan 18 offers conference – and meeting rooms in several different sizes. Our staff will help you arrange your meetings and conference with add on services in food & beverage in the best possible way. The location near the Central Station allows your visitors to get to the meetings easily.

Private offices in Fleminggatan 18

Fleminggatan 18

Larger office space for 30+ people

Fleminggatan 18

Private office for 6 people



Example based on:

1 000 sqm office with 80 employees in Stockholm.

Cost Per Year (SEK)
300 000 SEK
30 000 SEK
200 000 SEK
100 000 SEK
100 000 SEK
20 000 SEK
10 000 SEK

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