On the first floor of Klara C, opposite the Central Station and directly adjacent to the subway and commuter train, you’ll find CONVENDUM coworking space.

The central location and proximity to communications make it easy to get to and from the center for you and your visitors. The center is characterized by state-of-the-art design, qualitative technology, and high-quality service. Vasagatan 16 is a perfect address for coworking, offices, meetings and mingles.

Location – Right next to Centralstation.

Lounge – Flexible work areas with adjustable desks, armchairs, couches and larger tables for meetings.

Service – Our staff makes sure that you have everything you need to make your work and meetings successful.


As members, you have access to the lounge and coworking areas and can network with other members. You can book meeting- and conference rooms and have access to printer, wifi, gym and breakfast every weekday.

Private office

Private Office provides its own lockable office that is fully equipped with ergonomic furniture of the highest design and quality level. Private office is a perfect solution for those who need to work focused and want the opportunity to change environment during the day.


Vasagatan 16 offers conference- and meeting rooms in several different sizes. Our staff will help you arrange your conference in the best way possible. The location near the Central Station allows your visitors to get to the meeting easily.

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