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CONVENDUM offers meeting and conference rooms in several central locations in Stockholm and always guarantees high service, good food and beautiful surroundings. At each facility there is a stylish design that creates a high sense of representativeness and professionalism.


Drottninggatan 29

Stockholm's largest shopping street has become a Coworking space richer, during the summer 2023 CONVENDUM opened on Drottninggatan 29. The space spreads across four floors and hosts several well-planned work areas and meeting rooms. The property dates from 1971 and radiates modern comfort with a hefty dose of metropolitan pulse.

Brahegatan 10

Between Östermalmstorg and Humlegården, you will find CONVENDUM Brahegatan 10. It's a state-of-the-art Coworking space and CONVENDUM Conference, a larger conference center that caters to both members and external guests, spanning the entire ground floor. The location, right next to Stureplan and Humlegården, makes the center an attractive meeting place for both innovative entrepreneurs and larger companies.

Birger Jarlsgatan 57, Spårvagnshallarna

In the iconic Spårvagnshallarna, on Birger Jarlsgatan 57, you will find CONVENDUM. Located right on the border between Vasastan and Östermalm, this office is perfectly positioned for those who want to have meetings or conferences close to the pulse of the city. On the ground floor, you will find our unique café concept, CONVENDUM Coffee. In the building's entrance, you will be greeted by a magnificent lounge, with meeting rooms of various sizes and a large auditorium for approximately 110 participants connected to it.

Kungsgatan 9

CONVENDUM Kungsgatan 9 is located on one of Stockholm's most well-known streets, close to everything. There are several practical and state-of-the-art meeting rooms in various sizes and also spacious seminar and conference rooms with generous light. The large conference room has two large screens with associated projectors and can accommodate up to 110 people. The flagship CONVENDUM Kungsgatan 9 is CONVENDUM's largest Coworking space.

Rissneleden 10, Sundbyberg

CONVENDUM Rissneleden 10 is located in a strategic location in the Umami Park neighborhood of Sundbyberg. With windows in all directions, Rissneleden is spacious and filled with generous natural light, as well as several meeting rooms for up to 10 people. Within walking distance, you'll find Sundbyberg city center, scenic walking trails around the Lötsjöarna lakes, and shops, restaurants, and cafes right outside the entrance. The subway is just a stone's throw away, and you can reach Stockholm Central in 13 minutes. Welcome to Rissneleden 10.

Vegagatan 14

At Odenplan in central Stockholm, you will find CONVENDUM at Vegagatan 14. Here, several meeting and conference rooms are offered for both large and small meetings. In the house, you are invited to light and fresh premises with windows facing the pulse of Odenplan, it also offers modern technology and a lovely lounge. Outside the meeting rooms, you will find a lounge for both meetings and work, and if you fancy a cup of coffee, our barista offers really good premium coffee down in our café CONVENDUM Coffee.

Nybrogatan 17

At Nybrogatan 17 in Stockholm, you will find most of the meeting and conference rooms in the newly renovated Astoriahuset. In the building you will experience several bright and fresh rooms with large windows, modern technology and a lovely lounge. Here you can have meetings and conferences at one of the best addresses in Stockholm and only a few minutes walk to Nybroplan, Birger Jarlsgatan and Strandvägen. Outside the meeting rooms you will find a lounge for both coffee and meetings that is gilded by a beautiful bar and many stylish details.

Biblioteksgatan 29

Welcome to a first-class conference center in one of the best locations in Stockholm. At Biblioteksgatan 29 CONVENDUM offers several meeting and conference rooms up to 80 people with the latest technique. Just outside of Biblioteksgatan 29 you have Stureplan surrounded by multiple restaurants, shops and attractions. Here you have the opportunity to take a meeting from Stockholm city centre. This comfortable environment creates an atmosphere that combines both meeting and work life in a natural setting.

Fleminggatan 18

In the iconic Trygghansa house on Kungsholmen you will now find CONVENDUM. In an environment of nature and parks, you enter an oasis with a waterfall in the entrance floor that lands in one of our lounges. In the house you will find a large lounge, a powerful auditorium for several hundred people and much much more. In addition, walking distance to Stockholm Central Station increases accessibility and simplifies working life.

Gävlegatan 16

In the new district of Hagastaden you will find CONVENDUM on Gävlegatan 16, a coworking space spread over seven floors with flexible office solutions and meeting rooms. Directly connected to, among other new Nobis hotels, there are many opportunities for hotels, restaurants and bar.

Katarinavägen 15

In the iconic Glashuset at Södermalm in Stockholm, just a few minutes walk from Slussen, you find CONVENDUM. A wide range of meeting rooms in various sizes, all with the latest design and technology. You will also find our auditorium for up to 74 people, as always you will receive high class service and have many options when it comes to add on services in food and beverage.

Strandvägen 1

With Östermalm around the corner and the Stockholm Central Station near by you will find CONVENDUMs most unique unit. Every conference room has its own style, some are sophisticated and neat and some has more character designed with different colors. Plan a more special meeting and choose a room with a more dramatic style, it will give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Vasagatan 16

Opposite to Stockholm Central Station on Vasagatan 16, you will find CONVENDUM offering meeting opportunities from two up to 30 people. Providing two beautiful lounges, a café and a gym in the premises, an active and representative environment is created in the heart of Stockholm. Just minutes walk to Arlanda Express, SJ and the SL trains, you won't find a better location with better logistics.

Västra Järnvägsgatan 3

With Kungsholmen around the corner and close to Stockholm Central Station you will find CONVENDUM, on two floors we offer several meeting rooms in various sizes. Together with our service manager we can assist with both food and beverage and other concierge services.

Conference in Stockholm

CONVENDUM has several addresses in Stockholm, all in central locations with meeting and conference rooms in different sizes. Conference at CONVENDUM means a fully equipped meeting or conference room with everything you need in terms of technology, food and beverage and professional service.

CONVENDUM offers a number of ready-made conference packages, ranging from full and half-day conferences, overnight stays and evening packages. Of course, we help to put together individual meeting packages based on your needs. If you want to supplement with starting or ending your meeting with an activity, we can suggest good activities that may be suitable. Contact us for more information.

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