Tips for a home office with a CONVENDUM feel

Are you seeking inspiration for a home office? In this article, we provide tips on how to achieve the decor, storage, and focus of a home office. We also discuss coworking, which can effectively address many of the challenges of working from home.

At CONVENDUM, we are experienced in creating high-service office and coworking environments where our members thrive and can focus on their core activities. With a membership with us, you don’t have to worry about everything related to your office, such as furniture, IT, printers, and cleaning.

Even though it’s challenging to match our coworking spaces, there are many ways to create an excellent home office. Continue reading to get our best tips for a home office.

Ergonomic Furniture for a Home Office

CONVENDUM offers ergonomic furniture, but how do you achieve this at a home office? Office furniture can be expensive, so you might not be able to attain the same level of ergonomics as in our office and coworking spaces. However, it’s better to do something than nothing to take care of your body.

If you can only invest in one thing, we recommend getting a really good desk chair. This basic piece of furniture for your home office will help you sit with better posture and avoid developing or exacerbating issues in your back and shoulders.

Smart Storage for a Home Office

At CONVENDUM, we have created smart storage with lockable cabinets that can be easily opened with your own membership card. It’s also possible to get additional storage and even your own storage spaces if you need more storage than usual in a home office. But how do you make the best of the space you have at home?

Our tip is to consider how you will use your home office and plan your storage accordingly. A home office often serves multiple purposes. If you intend to use your workspace for a side project or hobby, planning can make it work much better.

Inspiration for Remote Meetings at a Home Office

At CONVENDUM, you can have professional meetings in our meeting rooms and conference facilities with professional services, including video conferencing and other conference technology.

It can be challenging to hold regular meetings in a home office, so how do you bring the professional and inviting atmosphere of CONVENDUM to video meetings? First and foremost, use your computer’s built-in camera function to ensure that you present yourself in the best light. Make sure the lighting is reasonably good and that you are comfortable with your sitting position. Also, take a look at how your background appears on camera. Test the technology in advance as technical issues can arise.

Tips for Maintaining Focus at a Home Office

At CONVENDUM, we work extensively to create a professional and inspiring environment where you can focus on your core activities and achieve your goals while we take care of the rest. Everyone at our coworking spaces shares the ambition to develop and work on their businesses and themselves. This is why our locations exude focus and inspiration, something that can be challenging to bring to a home office.

A classic piece of advice for those with a home office (worth repeating) is to separate work and leisure. If you find it difficult to focus, it won’t help if you’re sitting and relaxing on the couch or in bed. Try putting on work clothes and sitting at a specific “workspace,” even if it’s at the kitchen table.

Luxury at a Home Office

An office is primarily a place for work, but it’s also a social space. At CONVENDUM, we invite our members to breakfasts and other events to create a sense of community and camaraderie. You gain many wonderful colleagues and opportunities for new business, collaborations, and knowledge exchange.

This aspect of work life is often forgotten when working from a home office, making the workday more monotonous and lonely. Some may find it difficult to maintain motivation, while others may work too long and miss taking breaks when there’s no colleague to suggest them. Whether you relate to this or fall somewhere in between, it’s good to treat yourself to a little luxury, even in your home office.

A simple tip for those with a home office is to have lunch on the balcony or outdoor deck. Or take a midday break with a walk around the block. Perhaps you can invite a few colleagues or friends for a Friday coffee break, even if it’s via video call.

Tip: Combine a Home Office with Coworking

In many professions, working from home works well in theory. However, many experience a lack of motivation and inspiration when working from home. It’s not uncommon to miss colleagues, social interaction, and the feeling of an environment that breathes inspiration and development. Not to mention a clearer boundary between the workday and leisure. In these situations, coworking is an excellent complement or alternative to a home office.

Did you know that a study shows that coworking reduces loneliness?

In addition to the social aspect, coworking means you don’t have to worry about decor and storage in the same way as in your home office. Moreover, the service covers all the practical aspects of a workplace. A membership with us provides you with:

  • 24/7 access to all our coworking spaces in several locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Mallorca, and upcoming establishments.
  • Ergonomically designed furniture.
  • Staffed reception with coffee and tea ready.
  • Ample space for focused work and lounges for spontaneous meetings.
  • Bookable meeting rooms with conference services.
  • Free access to phone rooms.
  • All practical services like Wi-Fi, printers, mail handling, cleaning, furniture, greeting your guests, and much more.
  • Daily breakfasts.
  • Access to our gyms.
  • Invitations to member events.

You can also add one or more private office rooms with flexible lease agreements. CONVENDUM is a great solution for those who want access to prestigious environments at attractive addresses.

With lower costs and no long-term commitments, we become an excellent alternative to renting a traditional office. Especially for those who want to work from a home office part of the time but also seek inspiration in a different environment from time to time. Learn more about our coworking.

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