CONVENDUM opens up on Drottninggatan in Stockholm

Today, CONVENDUM opens the doors to another Coworking space in central Stockholm. This marks the fourth new opening in 2023 for the coworking chain, now offering another Coworking space in Stockholm, on one of the most prestigious shopping streets in the city center. CONVENDUM also becomes the first Coworking operator to open up in Stockholm’s government district.

CONVENDUM is opening today at Drottninggatan 29 and is spread across four floors with approximately 500 office spaces. It offers several lounges, a hundred offices and meeting rooms, multiple terraces in different orientations, and numerous opportunities for both large and small companies to rent space and gain access to CONVENDUM’s twenty other Coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma de Mallorca.

“We are very excited to cover another central part of Stockholm. Here in the government district on Drottninggatan, you are close to everything the city has to offer. Our establishment on Drottninggatan provides a feeling of vibrancy and exclusivity in the best location,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO at CONVENDUM.

Inside CONVENDUM’s premises, visitors are greeted by large open spaces with windows in all directions and skylights, while still feeling the buzz from the street level below. The large terrace facing Klara Church is perfect for both mingling and delightful lunches. The property on Drottninggatan was built in 1971 and already houses other tenants, including Espresso House, Netigate, and the toy store Lekia.

“We warmly welcome CONVENDUM and its members as tenants at another attractive address. CONVENDUM complements the offerings in the city excellently and contributes to a more dynamic office market,” says Johan Zachrisson, Head of Business Development at Fabege.

In 2023, CONVENDUM has also opened locations at Birger Jarlsgatan 57 (Spårvagnshallarna), Sveavägen 38, and Brahegatan 10. Later in the year, another Coworking space is expected to open in Koppartråden in Sundbyberg’s center.

Upcoming openings for CONVENDUM in 2023:

November 1st – Löfströms Allé 6 (Koppartråden), Sundbyberg.

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