CONVENDUM offers courses and training through Lexicon

Lexicon is Sweden’s largest private education group targeting businesses and organizations, with around 20 training centers in Sweden and Palma de Mallorca today.

— Through the collaboration with Lexicon, our members have the opportunity for skill development under favorable business conditions and the chance to develop their companies through education and business development in relevant areas. This truly becomes a competitive advantage in our industry, something we can offer to all our 5,000 members in Sweden and Palma, says Oscar Limbäck, COO at CONVENDUM.

The collaboration means that CONVENDUM’s members can take advantage of Lexicon’s open course offerings on favorable terms, including training in areas such as leadership, communication, service & sales, project management, efficiency, and finance.

— We see a great opportunity in offering a wide range of skill development to CONVENDUM’s customers. Today, we have a broad range of companies and organizations attending our courses. There is a significant advantage in meeting other participants from similar companies and working in similar roles. It becomes a learning experience within the learning experience in the groups, adding significant value to participants in our open courses. We look forward to welcoming CONVENDUM’s customers. Since we are both located in Stockholm and Palma, it also forms a natural connection in our different operations that benefits the collaboration, says Magnus Campelo, CEO of Lexicon Business Education.

CONVENDUM offers modern and in-demand office solutions for small and large businesses. CONVENDUM’s offerings range from Coworking, Private Office, Big Office, Exclusive Office, Enterprise Membership to Office Management. Common to these products are premium offices in combination with activity-based open coworking spaces, lounges, conference centers, cafes, gyms, music studios, and showrooms. Additionally, corporate accommodations are also offered.

About Lexicon
Lexicon is Sweden’s largest private education group targeted towards businesses and organizations. Since 1979, Lexicon has successfully trained more than 1.5 million individuals and currently operates around 20 training centers in Sweden, and now also in Palma Mallorca. In Stockholm, the training center conducts classroom-based training at the World Trade Center. For more information, visit or feel free to email questions or training inquiries to

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