CONVENDUM launches new products, takes over operation of Klarna’s headquarters

CONVENDUM is taking the step to broaden its service and product offering. Building on Coworking as its foundation and as a complement to CONVENDUM’s four core products: Coworking, Private Office, Big Office, and Conference, CONVENDUM now offers Office Management, Enterprise Membership, and Enterprise Consulting to companies.

— We are now moving from being a Coworking player to becoming an Office as a Service provider, OaaS, where Coworking is an important part of our product offering. Considering that companies of all sizes essentially have the same needs, we have developed new and broader products for large enterprises, says Håkan Jeppsson, CEO of CONVENDUM.

Recently, Office Management was launched, which means that CONVENDUM takes over the operation of large corporate offices. With this move, CONVENDUM enters the multi-billion-dollar “office management” market.

— CONVENDUM’s office management is a premium service with high ambitions and a high level of service. We do what we do at our own locations, but now also on-site at companies,” says Håkan Jeppsson.

It was recently announced that CONVENDUM will take over the operation of Klarna’s headquarters.

— We have a long and good relationship with Klarna spanning several years, and we are now taking over the management of their headquarters,” says CONVENDUM’s CEO, Håkan Jeppsson.

CONVENDUM’s two additional services in the new product offering for large companies, Enterprise Membership and Enterprise Consulting, mean that large companies subscribe to a larger number of memberships, which are needed when a large company outside the city wants to reduce its office space due to lower average occupancy. To be able to reduce space at the headquarters, employees need access to open spaces and meeting rooms at all of CONVENDUM’s locations. Memberships are always personal. Enterprise Consulting is consultative advice for large companies where CONVENDUM offers needs and cost analysis and assists in creating a strategic platform, policies, and the implementation of a modern office solution.

CONVENDUM is Sweden’s largest Coworking operator and a dominant player in its industry with a growth rate of 40%. CONVENDUM is making strong progress, with four units opened this year and soon two more.

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