3 tips for creating a good atmosphere at work

To foster strong cohesion and achieve good results, it is crucial for employees to enjoy their work. Here, we share three tips for creating a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

Why the atmosphere in the workplace is important

Having a good atmosphere in the workplace has many advantages. Above all, it is a key to creating a strong sense of community, which in turn contributes to building successful teams.

However, fostering camaraderie is not only important for enhancing performance and results. It is also crucial for everyone to enjoy their time at work.

Enjoying work is significant because that is where you spend the majority of your days. If your employees enjoy their work, the likelihood of them staying and contributing to the company’s development over a longer period increases.

A workplace where employees thrive is also a powerful motivator in terms of employer branding, as it can be crucial for attracting the right talent from the start. Many value a workplace where they feel comfortable and well.

How to create a good atmosphere at work

There are many reasons why the atmosphere at work is important, just as there are many ways to improve it. Here are some of them:

1. Do things together

Shared activities are one of the most effective ways to create a positive atmosphere. They help you and your colleagues get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level, strengthening the sense of community.

Activities can take place both at and outside of work. They don’t necessarily have to be anything special – the most important thing is to do things together and get to know each other better.

Shared breakfasts are an example of an activity that has proven to strengthen the sense of community in the workplace. That’s why at CONVENDUM, we offer our members daily breakfasts, weekly after-work events, and other activities.

2. Make sure to take breaks during the day

It’s easy to work without taking any breaks. However, regular breaks are important for you and your colleagues to recover and work more efficiently.

Regular breaks not only increase efficiency but also provide everyone with an opportunity to meet for a chat at the coffee machine. That’s also why at CONVENDUM, we offer comfortable lounges that encourage social interactions between colleagues and other members.

3. Create a balance between work and personal life

For many, managing daily life can be challenging. This can lead to increased stress, a bad mood, and poorer performance at work. Therefore, try to create a good balance between work and leisure. Can work hours and routines be adjusted to help employees achieve a better balance?

For us at CONVENDUM, it is important that you and your colleagues can control your own time. With us, you have access to the office 24/7, while our spaces are designed for an activity-based working approach.

Move your operations to CONVENDUM

CONVENDUM establishes modern and sought-after coworking spaces in central business districts. In our facilities, premium offices are combined with activity-based open coworking areas, lounges, conference centers, restaurants, cafes, gyms, music studios, and showrooms.

By becoming a member with us, you gain access to all our locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Mallorca. You also have the opportunity to rent private offices and conference/meeting rooms. Membership includes all ancillary services, meaning you can avoid worrying about time- and cost-consuming tasks such as reception, cleaning, IT, and similar.

As you have probably noticed, there are many advantages to relocating your operations to one of our state-of-the-art coworking spaces. Book a tour via the contact form, call us directly at +46 (0)10 510 08 88, or use our chat function.

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