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Framgångspodden is the largest interview podcast in the Nordic region. Behind the podcast stands entrepreneur Alexander Pärleros, who currently resides with his family in Marbella. Alexander has been a member of CONVENDUM for several years and still maintains his office and podcast studio at CONVENDUM in Stockholm. It’s a top-class workplace for his colleagues in Sweden and podcast guests in the studio.

Alexander Pärleros is the founder of Framgångspodden and operates several companies, including Framgångspodden, Panc Media, and is a co-founder of the comparison service Pensionera. He is also an author and speaker. Framgångspodden is currently the largest interview podcast in the Nordic region. Successful individuals, entrepreneurs, sports personalities, and artists share their journeys and provide valuable tips in the podcast.

“Framgångspodden started when I was at a point in my life where I needed inspiration. I thought, imagine learning from the foremost experts in their respective fields? That’s how Framgångspodden came to be. I interview people to help others forge their own path,” says Alexander Pärleros.

In 2021, Alexander and his family moved to Marbella in southern Spain, and since then, Alexander has been running Framgångspodden remotely. Finding the perfect location for his business was far from easy, but at CONVENDUM, Alexander found a home. By having his office at CONVENDUM, both his on-site team in Stockholm and the podcast guests in the studio have access to a top-class workspace. The office is always open, offering the possibility of breakfast and networking events. Additionally, there’s always staff to take care of everything around the workplace.

“We have around 100 guests per year, and I want them to be treated in a professional and excellent manner. I can’t think of any other place that maintains the high level of service that CONVENDUM does. I recently talked to a colleague about what is so fantastic about CONVENDUM, and it’s that I have never been to a place with such incredible service as CONVENDUM has. The facilities are great and stylish, and the staff is incredibly skilled,” says Alexander Pärleros.

At CONVENDUM, Framgångspodden has both its office and podcast studio. Through their membership at CONVENDUM, they also gain access to a wide podcast network, and among the podcast’s featured guests are CONVENDUM members.

“The network we’ve acquired through CONVENDUM has been incredibly valuable for us. We’ve made new business contacts and have had podcast guests who are CONVENDUM members. It’s been really great,” says Alexander Pärleros.

Framgångspodden have their home office at CONVENDUM Kungsgatan 9 in Stockholm, a strategic location on one of the country’s most well-known streets.

“At CONVENDUM Kungsgatan 9, we have a central location in the heart of Stockholm, making it very convenient for our members and podcast guests to come here,” says Alexander Pärleros.

This year marks four years since Alexander became a member at CONVENDUM, a place that provides the conditions for him to run a successful business.

“We feel really great at CONVENDUM, and I’m very impressed with the culture they’ve built. I would actually have wanted to start it myself,” concludes Alexander Pärleros, laughing.

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