What is Office Management?

Office Management is a smoother and more efficient operation of your account, fundamentally about planning and managing administrative and operational functions. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes coordination, maintenance, and optimization of the workplace, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

What are the benefits?
It’s more important than ever to maximize productivity and efficiency within an organization. One of the best methods to achieve this is by implementing effective Office Management. By ensuring all administrative tasks and resource management are handled correctly, you can enjoy a variety of benefits.

What’s included?
Simplicity and efficiency: We take care of everything, eliminating the need to manage suppliers, freeing up your time, and optimizing your resources.

Everyday flexibility: We ensure that your workday flows smoothly, allowing you to focus on important decisions.

Scalability without hassle: We are your office operator and ensure that your workspace is tailored to your business.

Exclusive workplaces: CONVENDUM membership is included in Office Management, providing access to 1000 offices, 200 meeting rooms, lounges, gyms, and cafes in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma de Mallorca.

World-class service: A team with finesse creates a positive workplace experience, promoting productivity and satisfaction. CONVENDUM staff offers premium service to your employees, in customer reception and office operations.

Cost-effective: There are no hidden costs or additional expenses.

Quality according to CONVENDUM standards: In our pursuit of creating the workplace of the future, our high standard is constantly ensured.

Quality-focused subcontractors: We collaborate with subcontractors who share our high-quality standards.

CONVENDUM offers modern and in-demand office solutions for small and large businesses. CONVENDUM’s offerings range from Coworking, Private Office, Big Office, Exclusive Office, Enterprise Membership to Office Management. Common to these products are premium offices in combination with activity-based open coworking spaces, lounges, conference centers, cafes, gyms, music studios, and showrooms. Additionally, corporate accommodations are also offered.

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