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Beatrice Lundell resides at CONVENDUM Biblioteksgatan 29 and is the sales manager at the Swedish company ZlideOn, whose world-unique clip-on solution for broken zippers extends the lifespan of clothes, shoes, and bags instead of buying new ones. Beatrice is passionate about sustainable business practices and encourages and inspires others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

ZlideOn holds a global patent for the Zip Clip Solution, a Swedish innovation and product that repairs a broken zipper in a matter of seconds. ZlideOn actively works towards a sustainable clothing industry and aims to reduce the immense consumption of water, energy, and chemicals worldwide. Currently, one-third of all Swedes discard products with broken zippers, and it takes 200 years for nature to break down a polyester garment.

“We want to teach people how to make the most of their clothes. I love the ZlideOn product; with just one click, you can easily fix your zipper. It’s excellent for the environment, and it also saves money since you don’t need to buy new items but can use what you already have,” says Beatrice Lundell.

ZlideOn is a sustainable alternative for repairing your zipper. Beatrice Lundell strives for both sustainable business practices and a sustainable lifestyle. In addition to inspiring and encouraging others to make individual and sustainable choices, she also lives by these principles.

“I am passionate about sustainability and innovation, but also sustainability from a holistic perspective. How can I help the world, people, and my profession become more sustainable? The job I have today suits my personality and lifestyle very well as I can work from different locations,” says Beatrice Lundell.

Beatrice practices what she preaches. In addition to her work at ZlideOn, she has built up the fitness studio Hart54 in Stockholm and is an ambassador for New Balance.

“I have a burning interest in food, health, and drinks. The key to recovery is exercise, every day.”

CONVENDUM enables Beatrice to design the perfect workday within the framework of a sustainable lifestyle by offering flexibility, including the option of remote work, a central office address in the city, and access to training and a gym.

“Unlike other coworking spaces, CONVENDUM has a sleek and harmonious atmosphere. That shouldn’t be underestimated. I am at CONVENDUM almost every day because my job requires a lot of mobility, and I need to come in on weekends quite often,” concludes Beatrice Lundell.

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