The Coworking giant CONVENDUM is heading for a record year – growing in Sweden’s largest cities

The coworking industry has continued to grow during the year, and the demand for flexible office solutions is expected to increase even more in the coming years. 2022 was an eventful year for CONVENDUM, and 2023 is expected to be a record year with six new openings in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Eventful year for CONVENDUM

In just seven years, CONVENDUM has become the largest company in its industry. Figures from Yta’s annual report show that CONVENDUM accounts for almost half of all planned new openings in 2023.

“We are very happy with the growth in 2022. During the year, we opened four new establishments and welcomed over 400 member companies,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO of CONVENDUM.

By providing all its members, large companies, individual entrepreneurs, or organizations, with premium offices, coworking spaces, flexible rental terms, lounges, conference and meeting facilities, gyms, high service, and luxurious interiors, CONVENDUM makes it its mission to create the right conditions for companies to grow and reach their full potential. These are some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing CONVENDUM.

The trend is clear: companies and entrepreneurs understand the benefits of having their office at CONVENDUM. In 2022, over 450 companies chose to move their offices to CONVENDUM’s various centers. CONVENDUM opened four new offices in 2022, and six more will open in 2023. At the end of 2023, there will be 19 offices.

“To meet the demand, the supply needs to increase. With all the new openings this year, 2023 will be a record year for CONVENDUM,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO of CONVENDUM.

Network and Community

At CONVENDUM, members and member companies also have the opportunity to participate in creativity, innovation, network, and community, both physically and digitally, through CONVENDUM’s own member app. Next to the flagship at Kungsgatan near Stureplan and Odenplan, there is also CONVENDUM Coffee, the company’s own café concept.

“CONVENDUM should be an international meeting place for everyone. A place where different actors, new and more established companies, have access to different types of networks. Everything we do should contribute to the success of our member companies,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO of CONVENDUM.

In recent years, a series of events around the world have affected the conditions for how companies think about their offices, and new uncertain conditions, rising interest rates, high inflation, and changing conditions for companies in different ways are expected. A number of uncertain factors make more companies choose more flexible solutions to reduce risk.

“We have experienced a pandemic with all that entails of uncertainty and a stagnant market, but we are not sensitive to the economy. Our solution gives our members the opportunity to grow and shrink as needed while expecting first-class service at all our centers,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO of CONVENDUM.

The need for flexibility

The need for flexibility occurs in companies of different sizes and in a variety of industries, as confirmed in the Property Owners’ report “The Future of Flexible Office Solutions.” Even larger companies see the value of flexible office solutions.

CONVENDUM’s unique concept, Big Office, gives larger companies the opportunity to rent larger separate offices with, among other things, offices and meeting rooms, open spaces, their entrance, and fully equipped kitchens, while companies also have access to the system in the form of an additional twenty or so offices around Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma.

“From small to medium-sized and now even large companies, they see added value and benefits in sitting in a context among other companies while having the opportunity to build culture in their own office spaces,” says Oscar Limbäck, COO of CONVENDUM.

Coworking is the new normal – CONVENDUM continues to grow

The future looks bright for coworking, which has come to stay. Partly because the pandemic has changed the classic image of having to be in the office every day, new digital needs have arisen, and many appreciate the flexibility. Yta’s annual report shows that the industry continues to grow and in 2022, the supply of coworking spaces increased by 20 percent, and occupancy reached record figures of over 80 percent. In 2023, more than 56,000 square meters will now be waiting to open at 21 different addresses in Stockholm.

For CONVENDUM’s part, nearly 30,000 square meters are opening up at six addresses in Stockholm and Gothenburg, making CONVENDUM the actor with the most growth in the coming year. Today, CONVENDUM is located at around 20 addresses in central business districts in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma de Mallorca.

CONVENDUM’s new openings in 2023
March 1: Birger Jarlsgatan 57, Stockholm
March 1: Sveavägen 38, Stockholm
April 3: Brahegatan 10, Stockholm
July 3: Drottninggatan 29, Stockholm
November 1: Löfström Allé 6, Sundbyberg
November 1: Stampgatan 14, Gothenburg

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