Premium apartments in Stockholm

Combined with our modern and in-demand Coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Palma de Mallorca, we can offer you corporate apartments – CONVENDUM Living. A unique living concept that is excellent for companies that need an apartment in Stockholm.

As part of our new concept, we offer fully furnished premium apartments. Our exclusive apartments are located in central business districts and close proximity to our Coworking spaces. Which means you can enjoy all the comforts available at our office facilities, including:

  • Activity-based open coworking
  • Private office
  • Reception
  • Lounger
  • Conference
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Gym
  • Music studios
  • Showrooms
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Weekly after work

The living concept can best be described as a hybrid between hotel and apartment, which means that it is an attractive choice for companies that frequently or for longer periods need to work in Stockholm.

A flexible solution

Just as our Coworking spaces, our apartments are fully equipped with everything you would expect from a modern and exclusive accommodation. Among other things, you will find premium furniture that maintains a high international style level, amenities, and fast Wi-Fi.

In other words, we have taken with us all the core values ​​that are already successful in our Coworking concept. The result is a comfortable, flexible and cost-effective solution for modern companies in need of an apartment.

By combining both Living and Coworking under one roof, completely new opportunities are also created for companies to increase their competitiveness. Something that is important when finding the next deal, but also when attracting top talent.

Experience the benefits of our unique living concept Living. Fill in the form to learn more about our new exciting projects or for applying for an apartment. A warm welcome to CONVENDUM Living.

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Ove Hansson
Chief Commercial Officer

Värtavägen 68

CONVENDUM Living is a unique living concept that is ideal for companies that want to rent an apartment in Stockholm. Our exclusive apartments are located at Gärdet's best address with proximity to both city life on Östermalm and Djurgården's and Gärdet's beautiful nature.

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    Feel free to book a tour at CONVENDUM.

    Fill out the form below or give us a call at +46 (0)10 510 08 88 or send an email to