CONVENDUM offers turnkey solutions in CBD areas, we call the concept CONVENDUM Living. By offering fully furnished and premium apartments, we meet the increased need in the market for company housing.

Convendum bostadsmarknaden

Premium apartments

In the same way that the sharing economy and changing needs of the modern man have driven the development of Coworking spaces, they have also driven the development of corporate housing, known as CONVENDUM Living.

A new unique living concept that is aimed at modern people and companies, with a need to live in urban, flexible and social housing environments.

Synonymous with these solutions is that they function as a home, with a flexibility such as short notice periods and a complete infrastructure and interior for the entire apartment

In summary, CONVENDUM Living is a perfect concept for companies and organisations that are searhing for an apartment both short- and long term.


CONVENDUM Living means accommodation combined with coworking, lounge, breakfast and other amenities in close proximity to the apartment.

Our premium apartments are furnished with premium furniture and hand-picked material choices, which maintain a high international style level. Porcelain, Wi-Fi and everything else you can expect from a modern accommodation is also included in the rent.

As the apartments are located adjacent to our Coworking spaces, you can also take advantage of all the amenities included in the membership. In other words, daily breakfasts and weekly after works, private offices, open coworking areas, lounges, gyms, conference rooms and much more.

Our unique housing concept Living is an attractive choice for companies and organisations that wish to rent an exclusive overnight apartment in central Stockholm, and who also want to take advantage of amenities such as coworking, lounges, gyms, conference rooms and the like.

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Ove Hansson
Chief Commercial Officer

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