Business network at CONVENDUM for more customers and new contacts

CONVENDUM is one of Sweden’s largest business networks and is an excellent place to create new contacts. CONVENDUM is simply a place for those who want to do business.

Edvin Årefors is the Sales Director at the leading Nordic Growth Marketing agency Genero, confirming CONVENDUM as a place that fosters business. In fact, Genero has initiated several collaborations with its office neighbors.

— Absolutely, at CONVENDUM, there are countless companies to do business with. We have initiated three collaborations with our neighbors here at CONVENDUM, says Edvin Årefors, Sales Director at Genero.

CONVENDUM Katarina 15 offers various meeting and conference opportunities with a large auditorium and several meeting rooms of different sizes. Genero has capitalized on these opportunities, leading to successful seminars with positive outcomes.

— It’s very easy to hold meetings and seminars at CONVENDUM, and we have organized several seminars where we have invited external speakers and guests. This has resulted in successful outcomes, bringing both new customers to our company and strengthening our brand.

In the iconic Glass House at Slussen, on Katarinavägen 15, Genero has its office. A place that allows for flexibility, more business, and where both employees and clients are satisfied, well-being is enhanced, and energy is fostered.

— Here, we have the world’s best view, large windows, plenty of natural light. You have everything here, a gym, a feng shui room, and breakfast every day. We have really made the right choice. And the staff is fantastic, concludes Edvin Årefors.

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CONVENDUM offers modern and in-demand office solutions for small and large businesses. CONVENDUM’s offerings range from Coworking, Private Office, Big Office, Exclusive Office, Enterprise Membership to Office Management. Common to these products are premium offices in combination with activity-based open coworking spaces, lounges, conference centers, cafes, gyms, music studios, and showrooms. Additionally, corporate accommodations are also offered.

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