What is included in all our offices

Opportunity to rent a parking space in the city.

Our staff is on site every day between 08:00 and 17:00 to help you with your every question.

Our centers have several coworking area where you can work on your own or with colleagues and customers.

Access to CONVENDUM 24/7 with your member card.

Our center’s offer WIFI and wired connection.

Get access to exclusive offers, book meeting rooms, get to know other members and more – right from your phone.

Breakfast is served in the lounge every weekday between 08:00 and 09:30.

Free prints on high-quality printers are included in the membership.

Register your business at CONVENDUM.

Our offices and Coworking areas are equipped with modern and ergonomic furniture.

Our open lounges offer workplaces and excellent opportunities for spontaneous meetings.


In the entrance of the property, you are met by a magnificent lounge with a high ceiling in the built-in courtyard, and our own CONVENDUM Coffee, a unique café concept with a focus on a world-class coffee experience. You also access our great conference center with a wide spread of sizes up to our auditorium with 110 seats. The co-working space is spread over three floors with lounges, meeting rooms and especially the 7th floor enjoys great views of the surrounding area. CONVENDUM Spårvagnshallarna is perfect for companies that need plenty of representative space, conference rooms in addition to a flexible office solution.
“Spårvagnshallarna” is right on the border of Vasastan and Östermalm, with closeness to both Östra Station train station, and both the red (Östermalmstorg) and green (Rådmansgatan) metro line. In the area there are small parks, lots of shop, restaurants and bars. In the building there are both a commercial gym and pub, for the perfect life-balance.


  • 246 sqm
  • Up To 62 work spaces
  • 5 office/meeting rooms
  • 2 WC
  • Cleaning room

Located in its own corner of the building on the seventh floor at Spårvagnshallarna, this Big Office is now available. Within this space, there is the potential for up to 62 workstations. The office area is divided into 5 offices of varying sizes and in addi- tion to this, there is an open lounge area. Two toilets, cleaning room, and a private entrance complete the amenities.


  • Central address
  • Extensive business network
  • Large private space with access to a substantial number of coworking spaces in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma
  • No additional costs for other office expenses
  • Free breakfast
  • Access to a gym
  • Access to multiple meeting and conference rooms of various sizes
  • CONVENDUM’s staff and its premium service

Office location

Available offices

Birger Jarlsgatan 57
Big office space for approximately 40 people
Birger Jarlsgatan 57
Big office space for approximately 20 people

Common questions and answers

  • What are the opening hours of your coworking spaces?

    Our coworking spaces are staffed every weekday from 08:00 to 17:00, and our service personnel are available to assist you as a member and welcome both you and your guests. As a member you naturally have access to our coworking spaces 24/7.

  • Why Coworking?

    A central aspect of the coworking concept is community and being part of a network, even if you have a larger private office space. By renting a coworking space, you will have the opportunity to establish valuable connections, conduct business, and initiate interesting collaborations that you wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

  • What is the notice period?

    Just because a solution fits perfectly today doesn’t mean it will fit just as well in a year. At CONVENDUM, we believe that your agreement should suit you and your business, rather than you having to adapt to the agreement. That’s why our contracts are flexible, with a short notice period and the ability to scale up or down depending on how your needs evolve.

    By choosing coworking spaces, you get more flexible and cost-effective agreements compared to the standardized 3-5 year contracts that traditional offices typically offer. This is a highly appreciated aspect among our members.

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