Being productive at work – How to do it

How do you really find the energy to sustain a full workday, even after a vacation? Are there any tricks to use, and how do you plan your workday for optimal efficiency? Here are some tips that work for those who want to reduce stress levels, increase focus, and let the energy flow.

Schedule and Plan

As with most other challenges, preparation and planning are key factors when structuring your workday. Being productive involves being organized and completing tasks at specific times. Focus on the most challenging tasks first thing in the morning and get them out of the way. Then you can dedicate the afternoon to more routine tasks, meetings, or other things when your energy tends to be a bit lower. We often have the lowest energy levels around three o’clock, so it’s nice to have the most difficult mental work done and remind yourself to take a short break.

Avoid Interruptions

“Having several balls in the air” is a myth, and our brains have difficulty handling more than one thing at a time. Therefore, make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be disturbed and where you can concentrate effectively. By having longer periods of focus, you have the opportunity to reach a state of “deep work,” where you can see connections and have time for complex tasks.

Plan Time for Your Inbox

Decide when you’ll check your emails and do it only a few times a day – not as soon as an email lands in your inbox. Turn off notifications so they don’t disrupt you, and then sit down at predetermined times to read and respond to emails. This applies to social media or anything else that can disrupt your focus.

Take a Micro Break

You need to take care of your energy to avoid burnout. A balance between focus and rest is crucial, and so-called micro breaks are excellent ways to recharge during the day. After an hour of focus, it’s time to take ten minutes for a trip to the coffee machine, stretching, a few push-ups, reading a few lines from a physical book (not a screen), taking a walk around the block, or enjoying a moment of nature. It gives your brain a break and allows you to reset and focus even better afterward.

Move Your Body

Even if you have a day full of meetings and challenging tasks, it’s important that you move. When your blood is oxygenated, it’s easier to think, and it raises your energy level. Walk or bike to work, have a walking meeting with a colleague or have lunch in town, jog home after the workday ends, or exercise in the evening when you get home. On busy days, you might even have a few minutes for some desk stretches.

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