Be your best: Oscar Kjellström and Johan Lindstrand

Oscar Kjellström and Johan Lindstrand are the co-founders of Centigo in Gothenburg. It’s a leaderless management consulting company with a vision of Sensible Growth Everywhere, rooted in long-term sustainability. Today, Oscar and Johan are proud to have established a strong company culture with competent and dedicated employees.

Who are you?
Oscar Kjellström and Johan Lindstrand and together, we are responsible for Centigo Gothenburg.

Why did you start Centigo in Gothenburg?
Both of us had worked for Centigo in Stockholm, and when we moved to Gothenburg, we knew we wanted to bring Centigo here. Since Centigo is a leaderless management consulting company, our ambition to open the office here carried the most weight. So, in combination with our personal commitment and fantastic support from colleagues in Stockholm, we started and operate Centigo’s business here.
Before embarking on the establishment, we took a walk in Slottsskogen, where we discussed our ambitions and our shared vision of the kind of workplace we wanted to create for ourselves and our future employees.

What roles do you have?
Our main responsibility is to establish Centigo in both Gothenburg, with a focus on brand awareness and the company’s growth. As management consultants, we also handle our own projects. Johan is an extremely skilled project manager in the construction and real estate industry and the retail industry. He’s one of the best at Centigo (perhaps in Sweden) when it comes to resource optimization and project and portfolio management, known as PMO. Oscar has also worked extensively in PMO but is primarily an expert in Go-2-Market strategies and sales. He has led several such projects in the automotive, energy, and public sectors.

What is the most important thing you do?
At its core, it’s about our passion for creating a workplace where we would want to work ourselves; a place with a long-term vision that nurtures people and well-being for our clients. Centigo’s vision, Sensible Growth Everywhere, reflects our belief in contributing to long-lasting and sustainable businesses and organizations. It’s the same principle we apply to operate Centigo in Gothenburg.

What are you most proud of in your professional work?
We are particularly proud of the team we’ve assembled and the strong culture we’ve created. Our consultants are highly competent and dedicated. We could have grown twice as fast, but we’ve been very selective in our recruitment to maintain a high level of engagement and expertise. An essential part of our culture is promoting psychological safety, where everyone on the team feels comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas, knowing they are valued and respected. This strengthens collaboration and leads to better decision-making and innovative solutions.

In connection with Oscar and Johan starting Centigo in Gothenburg, they have been located at CONVENDUM Kungsportsavenyn 21. An attractive address, flexibility, and the ability to scale up and down in office spaces are crucial factors in their choice of office location, but the most significant contributing factor to their staying at CONVENDUM is the professional and friendly staff.

When did you become members at CONVENDUM and why?
We’ve been at CONVENDUM from day one when we started Centigo in Gothenburg on March 1, 2021. It was actually after conducting our own feasibility study that we chose CONVENDUM. For us, having an office centrally located at an attractive address has always been important, making us more attractive as employers and also making it easier for our clients to reach us.

Why do you and your employees enjoy being at CONVENDUM?
We’d really like to compliment the staff here because they are excellent. They are professional, service-minded, and extremely friendly, and they are probably the most significant factor in our decision to stay here even as we’ve grown. We’re now on our third office size. The ability to scale up or down makes it extremely easy to expand in all directions here.

Do you benefit from the available network?
We probably could have utilized the network within the building even more because it’s easy to get to know those on the same floor. But most importantly, we’ve used CONVENDUM’s facilities as a networking platform for our external network by hosting recruitment days here, our annual “Försommarsvalka,” which is an event for our clients and industry colleagues, and we often invite clients for meetings and conferences here.

How does CONVENDUM contribute to your everyday work and overall career journey?
By working at CONVENDUM, we’ve created an ideal environment for attracting new colleagues and holding professional meetings with clients. Our office is genuinely a meeting place that adds significant value to our daily work and our overall career journey.

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