A happy place to work: Lisa

Lisa was initially a CONVENDUM member with her own company, and today, she is an Account Manager. Read more about Lisa’s exciting and evolving journey at CONVENDUM.

How did you first get in touch with CONVENDUM?
“I first got in touch with CONVENDUM back in 2019 when I was looking for a representative office for my newly started company. I explored several different options on the market, but the choice was easy after I visited CONVENDUM at Nybrogatan 17. Everything felt just right—the address, the ambiance, the design, the size of the unit, the service from the staff on-site, and, last but not least, the other entrepreneurs who were there. The decision was made easier when the founder and CEO, Håkan Jeppsson, invited me to join them instead. Once I became a part of the CONVENDUM family, I have tried different roles, which has been both exciting and rewarding.”

What synergies do you see at CONVENDUM?
“Oh, there are plenty of them! The synergies are endless, I would say. We are part of Sweden’s largest business network, and my dream is to work exclusively with this network. We have so many interesting, knowledgeable, and driven people and companies among us. I am truly passionate about bringing people together, where I see the potential for new business opportunities or even new acquaintances with shared interests. Maybe I’m a bit un-Swedish in that regard, coming from all the years abroad, but it’s wonderful when people and ideas click, and new unexpected results are created.”

What does your role as Account Manager entail?
“My colleagues and I are a bit like magicians, tailoring different solutions for all the inquiries that come in. It can be small or big, within all kinds of industries, which makes my job incredibly exciting and varied from day to day. I feel fortunate to gain insight, understanding, and knowledge about all these industries and companies daily. It’s incredibly enriching.”

What does a typical workday look like?
“It usually starts at the HQ with a briefing, and then I follow up on newly received leads. I often prefer to call, as it’s easier to establish contact and get an idea of what they are looking for. The puzzle begins, and the needs are painted. Then comes the best part, which is showing off our beautiful Coworking spaces.”

Lisa describes her work of helping companies fulfill their future office solution needs in a cost-effective and sustainable way as fun, challenging, and meaningful.

What is it like to be part of CONVENDUM’s expansion journey?
“It’s exciting, thrilling, and challenging. We have ambitious goals, but we also see that we are fulfilling a new demand out there for what the future office should look like. We receive daily proof that flexibility is crucial for companies. Just like a lung, companies can breathe in sync with the market and easily scale up or down their office space with us. We offer a more sustainable way of working by sharing resources here, and companies only pay for what they actually utilize. It feels both modern and good in my heart.”

What do you think CONVENDUM means as a meeting place for its members and for people in general?
“Besides the obvious cost savings, you get colleagues across company borders, world-class service, a representative environment to attract the right kind of collaborators or recruitments for your own company, or perhaps you’ll find new acquaintances who share the same interests. The need for flexibility emerged during the pandemic, but the importance of physical meetings became even clearer. There’s something special about face-to-face encounters that Teams (while it has its merits) cannot replace.”

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