CONVENDUM opens Sweden’s largest coworking space in one plan in early 2021.

Danderyd center is being built and, in March 2021, CONVENDUM opens a coworking space in one of the new buildings, Golfvägen 8 is the address and with the metro, restaurants, shops and parking facilities in the house there is everything needed for both business and pleasure. Add also a 800 sqm terrace with sunshine from morning to evening. At Golfvägen 8 we can offer a coworking space that does not look like anything else.

Size – A coworking space in one level makes it easy to find a solution that suits all types of companies.

Network – A large number of members in the house benefit from networking.

Service – Our staff will ensure you receive first-class service throughout the week.


As a member, you have access to the lounge and coworking areas 24 hours a day together with other members. You can book meeting and conference rooms and have access to gym, printer, WiFi and breakfast every day. You also have access to all other CONVENDUM coworking spaces.

Private office

Private Office provides its own lockable office that is fully equipped with ergonomic furniture of the highest design and quality level. Private office is a perfect solution for those who need to work focused and want the opportunity to change environment during the day.


At our coworking space at Golfvägen 8 there are several meeting rooms in different sizes. Our staff will help you arrange your conference in the best possible way with food and beverage service. You can read more about our conference here.